The ol' grey fart

ain’t what he used to be

While recently gutting an older home for remodeling, the plywood sub-floor removal going as planned turns into extreme pain. Removing a piece of 3/4 plywood and turning with the plywood in tow, sent my ol’ butt to the floor with plywood on top o me. Pulled back muscle just by turning wrong. Jeesh, this sucks to get old!
Plus have to hear the wife bitch at me now for a week or so. “You need to be more careful, You’re not 18 anymore, When are you gonna learn, What were you thinking” etc etc.

Somebody just shoot me! :angry:

An “older” home, eh? Obviously it was some peevish poltergeist pulling on the plywood, ticked off about your comments about ghosts and your wife’s hair.


Yaz, I’m right there with ya’
Due to a multiple football/lacrosse injuries(slipped disc) if I turn wrong in the shower like I did about 6 months ago, I’m pretty much out of commision for a week. Can’t even tie my own d*** shoes. :D


What a drag it is getting old

I hear ya’ fellars. Seems “Arthur” is starting to pay me visits. I’m only a lousy 42 years old! :) Sometimes after a long session of Strat wanking the paws hurt like crapola… I can dig it Soul-man. "What a DRAG it is… getting old…"


And the important thing to remember Yaz, is that tomorrow, everything will be a wee bitty worse. :D


OK, back in the saddle again, so to speak. Up and moving actually. Tough weekend being out of commission.

Tom. Had some poltergeist show up on the TV and apologize for screwing up the back. Seems it wants a new house too and wanted to know when I could resume working. Wife colored the short hairdo this weekend to cover up the gray. Together, it looks like I really robbed the cradle, thinking bout just for men hair color…NAH.

Jeromee. After hurting the ol back once, the slightest wrong movement can be devastating for sure.

Mr. Soul. YEP!

TG. Wish I was still 42, felt alot better then.

Ali/nergle/tank. And for sure the pain was much worse Friday and Saturday than it was Thursday when I did this. Pass us that bottle will ya!

The bad news is, after 3 days of being an invalid, and now up and moving again, the S.O.B. in me comes out, must be cabin fever. Think I’ll rip the head off of the first jerk I run into this am, and crap down his neck.

But then again it would probably only aggravate the ol’ back.

Moving slowly, but moving Yaz!

P.S. Have a great day all! :D