The Plug-In You Can't Live Without

Desert Island Plug-In…

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one plug-in… what would it be, and why?

bonus: what is the coolest plug-in you use?

A good multiband comp. You can get more mileage out of a good one than anything else IMO. The multiband comp in n-Track isn’t half bad in LP FIR mode, but it isn’t my favorite (the price is right though!). Of course JMO, YMMV, etc.


voxengo tapebus. Its a great plug!!!

WaveArts live plug in
Amazing compressor / limiter that makes your track smooth like butter and ready for Mix.

Native Instruments - Guitar Rig
The wettest dream ever for getting your Guitar track sound like a million $ .

My favourite plug-in for the “only-one-plugin-allowed-on-a-desert-island”-contest is the Kjaerhusaudio Classic Master Limiter. If everything else goes wrong, the mix won’t sound half bad with this running on the master channel.

The coolest plug-in? SIR Convolution reverb, I guess…

(I would have mentioned the Kjaerhusaudio Classic range of plugins (free!), Izotope Ozone, a few MDA plugins (not that impressive in contrast to Kjaerhusaudio, BTW), FreeVerb (first really, really free reverb plug, although a bit dated), RMF High-frequency Stimulator (saved many a cassette tape track with that one!), and MeloDyne’s pitch-tracker/shifter/corrector/choiridizer - well, I don’t use it, but it sure is a cool gadget.)

regards, Nils

A vote for PSP Vintage Warmer. Followed very closely by Sir. :)

I’ll take a standard 120 Volt plug in receptical thank you. Hey, even laptop users got to tap the main vein every once in a while!

Ohhhh DX or VST plug ins??? Hmmm…thats a tough one. Probably SIR reverb. I like it!