The Promise I Make

New toon.

Simple song here. Comments appreciated. I know I need a new mike.

Cheers Zay/Yaz for the lead!

’The Promise I Make’

I had in mind doing something for a tv advert for some reason…


A well-written happy little ditty. Recorded and mixed well. You’re definitely honing your craft, and if there’s a problem with that mike, you certainly get the best out of it. :agree:

congrats for securing graham nash to do those vocals. i dare you to put this one up in an A/B comparison with one of nash’s solo projects and see if an objective listener to tell the difference.

very "Ditty"ish.

Nice job!

(I still say it wants mandolin :whistle: )

no, it’s better with guitar.
At least until you find someone who is capable of playing it.

But it is a great song. Whistling makes it. Umm…there is an echo of the dance hall in the old British sense, if you ask me. From what I can tell as a yank, that is.

You don’t do yourself justice Tom! Your mandolin sounds great!

Thanks all.

Does no-one think the vox sounds a bit…muddy?
Can’t seem to get that crisp edge to it.


Good job guys :agree:

Great stuff!

Craig, if I had your voice, I’d be makin’ money with it… :agree:


Hey D

Thanks for that…and welcome aboard!

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Hey D

Thanks for that....and welcome aboard!

Hi Craig, It's "D" who is also "D".


I should have put "DC"... but it's me Dubious Diogenes Dead Certain III. :p



Can’t keep up with the name changes on here!

Thanks again tho D… :agree:

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Can't keep up with the name changes on here!

Thanks again tho D...

Ha-Ha... I can't help it Craig. I think a forum nick should suit the user so I changed mine again.

Sorry for the confusion, and you're welcome. Keep it up!!


Let’s see, Graham Nash vocals, yes I hear it a lot, but it’s Craig to me. The lower register vocals may need just a tic of treble, but they seem to fit in the mix really well Craig. Excellent writing and performance. The shaker or what ever it is may be a little too hot in the mix, tambourine is fine.
Solo sucks and should have been thought out a little more! :cool:

Great tune! (As Usual tho :) )


Cheers there…!

Now…how to I add treble to the lower end on n? Dropping the bottom end eq doesn’t work…I dunno…

Solo is fine matey. Just what I was looking for.

Hi Craig, got the mix going here and giving intense listening.
I’d take the vocals and sweep the high end eq to find the sweet spot, the lower (bass) vocals could use a little high end, that’s what I meant by lower register, not the eq itself but the lower harmony.

Definately lower the volume of that shaker! Kinda distracting over your voice. Your voice should be focal points of your tunes.
If I could sing like you son, they’d have a hard time getting me to shut up! :)

Just my 2cents, maybe Poppa or someone could give ya better pointers.

Thanks again!

Ok I did all that. Took the shaker down after the first few bars and took some bootom out of the backing vox etc.

Is it any better?


I agree with Zay on all points.

Guitar solo needed dots! There were no little dots!

I’d ask Yaz to TAB it out for me but he’d just send one of these…



You guys are stealing out of work comedians jobs ya know! :laugh:

I can’t read dots or tab (nor take either one anymore!), or notes, or words, I’m slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

That was a PIOMA geetar solo guys (pull it outta my a–) but some say it came from the brain, my a-- and brain work the same, full of . . . .

Nevermind! :cool: