The record is detuned

hi there
my records ar detunet.
what can i do for fixed that problem

Can you give us some more info to diagnose the issue? What platform you’re using n-Track on (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)? Are you using the built-in audio device/mic or an external one?
If you can please send a short video showing the issue.


Thanks for your reply
I use Windows 10.

I try to put some short video

Thanks for sending the video. It appears that somehow the sampling frequencies used for recording and playback are mismatched.
What audio drivers are selected in the Settings -> Audio devices box? Please try selecting Asio drivers if available for your audio device. You may need to install an audio driver package from Alesis.
Try switching between 44100 and 48000 hz to see if that fixes the issue.


Thanks for your help. Now I fixed it.