The Right's Assault on Kofi Annan

The Right’s Assault on Kofi Annan.



There are real questions about Saddam Hussein’s oil sales, both inside and outside the oil-for-food program, but all the serious investigations, such as that by the US Government Accountability Office, make it clear that most of the revenue he raised had nothing to do with the UN, and that the UN did nothing without the explicit or implicit support of the United States acting through the Security Council.

The reality is that the current calls for Annan’s head are provoked by his opposition to America’s pre-emptive war in Iraq. On December 4 the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the hometown newspaper of Senator Norm Coleman, who has called for Annan’s resignation, provided perhaps the most succinct explanation of what lies behind the attacks. Describing Coleman’s call as a “sordid move,” the editorial explained: “For months before the election, the right-wing constellation of blogs and talk radio was alive with incendiary rhetoric about Annan and the oil-for-food scandal… This is really all about Annan’s refusal to toe the Bush line on Iraq and the administration’s generally unilateral approach to foreign affairs. The right-wingers hate Annan and saw in the food-for-oil program a possible chink in his armor. They went after it with a venomous fury.”

The Star Trib. Also known as the “hammer and sickle”

Clark, do you know what a “ad hominem - circumstantial” fallacy is? :)

What does money matter in this stuff anyway? we just forgave …what… 4 billion in Iraq debt! we just traded money for young american lives that’s all. Of coures shrub wouldn’t have a clue about what war is really about now would he?..Nor would anyone in his inner circle of chickenhawks. And of course HALLIBURTON wasn’t ripping off anyone either were they? on and on and on and on!

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Good poing Cruiser. Sometimes the answers are quite simple.