The Same Thing

Trying a look, a video capture and sound

Sound and video check.
A lession to be learned here. Don’t pratice singing all week
to a guitar that is flat, and then tune up at the last min and record.
That will leave you flat.

Why am I showing you this?
Thought the guitar was pretty original.

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:laugh: Just trying different things here.

For any of you who are curious.
I joined a band back as a kid, very young, junior high yrs.
We had this DJ come over to audition us for a weekly gig.
He said we where pretty good but to practice more, to practice in front of a mirror.
We only knew 4 songs but eventually got that gig, his idea has stayed with me always.
That’s why I’m using the video.
Well, also to let some friends see me play, and I’m having a blast messing with videos.
I’m sure I’ll play around sometime, and I want to represent myself the best that I can when I do.
So this is a little shock therapy for me in a way.
Seeing what I do that I don’t like and stopping it, and then emphasizing what I do like.
That sort of thing.
Like everyone posting here for help, it’s like that.
I’m not concerned with my vocals they r usually one take, and I almost always add them after the music is done.
Sometimes great and sometimes just adequate vocals.
With this take, the first and only take (it was getting late) I ran the vocal and guitar processor though my Mickie board (not a studio board).
I couldn’t get the vocal up loud enough to hear it when recording, the biggest problem was the mic from the cam giving me interference.
That’s where all the hissing is coming from.
I could have corrected that in N but I wanted y’all to see and hear it as is.
I had just hooked it up and hit record.
In fact if you look close you can see me checking the cams to see if they are even on.
I should have used a click track but really didn’t even plan to complete the song.

I’ve improved the sound of the vocals for the vids 1000% since then and have spent a week working with the program inserting effects and credits and checking out lighting etc.
It’s all a lot of fun!

The religious probably wont care for this song because of it’s sexy nature and religious connection but it’s real! I think any man who has loved a women can relate to the lyrics.
Written by the great Willie Dixon and sung by Muddy Waters originally.
You can cut into me here if you like.
I’ll more than likely agree with you.
But keep in mind it was just a test take, one take, the first take.
Even though I like my expression on the guitar a lot,
I know that I could come up with something more fluid but I like the phrasing and the arrangement, there is something for me to learn from this.

That’s pretty much how I write, just hook it up and let it fly.
I strongly suggest y’all video yourselves
playing too, and try a few different things.
It might teach you something about yourself.
So far; this video has shown me that I’m pushing my luck vocally in this key, way down in my lower register with no breath for projecting during the bridge.
So’ I’ll have to change that if I can’t figure something else out.
On the other hand it seems to be a guitar friendly key for me. We’ll see about all that here soon enough.

You know a colab video could be done easily enough!
Any blues, bass, drums and keys out there?

The lyrics go someting like this:
What makes a man go crazy, when his women wears her dress so tight?
Why it’s the same thing that makes a tom cat fight all night.
It’s the same thing.

What makes a man so happy when his baby gets her evening gown?
Well it’s the same thing that makes a preacher lay his bible down.
It’s the same thing.
3rd verse repeats the first.
I’m sure I didn’t use any order when I recorded the video, I was just vampin

:laugh: Ok, I have some good and some bad news with my vids. In this "Same Thing" vid I added color to it because the cam was slightly out of focus... Looking at it was like listening to something overcompressed, giving ya a headache. Out of focus is caused when the cams software is missing drivers. Ok no problem, I added color and it was tolerable.
But the video still dragged and lurched and looked slow at times. Here is the great news! A Logatech 9000 Pro is a great web cam! It's a non expensive web cam that can do the trick with pro looking video. My vids are really improving big time. Here is the bad news. Talking about shock therapy! I wasn't ready for this much shock. :heart-break: A guy with my looks doesn't belong up front singing! Thanks to the logitech 9000 I can see that. I might be able to get away with wearing a clown mask though! I'll consider it. Don't know if I'm capable of enough discipline to remove the akward expressions I make. Question if I should even be allowed on a stage! I guess in the background with my head down behind my hat would be ok lol
Why am I doing this? For web page content, any helps. And well, it's like my last opportunity to play. I could go back to playing and I'm checking my self out to see if it's at all do able. Like PW, I'm older and it's showing. I might be able to do something, but I'm pretty disappointed so far. We'll see. Older guys can play, but not ALL older guys!
Levibaby :cool:
:cool: Well I got over the initial shock from shock therapy! :laugh: Or should I call it visual therapy? MERCY! When it gets down to it, don't mug for the cam! In fact :agree: less is better by far! When you start editing videos you see yourself a little diffrent. Actually you see to much of yourself lol Now I understand why everyone puts hot babes in their videos. :O
:laugh: as if i didn't before. :laugh:

It is what it is Levi - a rough home movie. No biggie - I posted a comment on YouTube.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Nov. 08 2008, 9:14 AM)

It is what it is Levi - a rough home movie. No biggie

That's right! Thx PW.
Also laying some insight to those who might be dabbling in vids or curios about it. Wishing I could change the title for this thread.
I would like to see Flavio create an audio/video program. None of the video editors are that easy to use. Easy meaning; being able to do things logically on a time line like you can with audio in N. If he could make a vnTrack, little brother to nTrack that allowed 2 or 3 video tracks that you could manipulate in the time line like we can audio that would be big. If you cut a video and remove a small section, the programs don't allow a gap to happen. They automatically scoot the furthest out to snug up left. I've learned to cover scenes I don't care for with effects but to be able to manipulate them like you want is what is missing. And also have title tracks that allowed text overlays, and transition tracks for images. Then preferences that allowed the option to add as many of those tracks as you needed. He would clean up!