The Strangiest Effect Yet

Unknown Effect on Master Channel

On my master channel with no effects chosen, all of a sudden I lost playback vu for the master channels and no longer had any audible sound. All the individual channels showed a good vu reading but nothing for the master channels and no effects for the master channels where selected. But I could see a transparent color the size of an effects name, but there was no text. I highlited the space (little colored square on the left side) and right clicked for properties and it showed as; “Master Effect 1” Hmmm wonder what that does!

Any way, it looks like a green square until you hight lite it and then it lights up as a rectangular color image across the master channel effectis dialog box. It canceled my sound, what made it do that?
To get your sound back simply highlite and remove from list as you would any effect!

Build 1774.

See y’all in the defensive driving class

Get build 1775. :D

Quote (Bubbagump @ Feb. 22 2005,15:06)
Get build 1775. :D

Your right bubba, might as well keep up with the times!
But what does this problem have to do with knobs and sliders?
Knobs? :D Now THATS got me think . . ing!

See ya in defensive driving class!

Hmm, the mysterious invisible silence plugin strikes again!

Quote (learjeff @ Feb. 22 2005,17:49)
Hmm, the mysterious invisible silence plugin strikes again!

:D Hi Jeff, have you heard of this before? Well it isn't totally invisable but just about! It sure had me scratching my head for a little while! Thought I would post this to help fight off the :angry: "madd newbe dropout syndrome"!

No, just joking around. Sorry for the confusion!

Digital print through. :)