The Stylophone is back!


Had one of these in early 70s…

Mmmm…now that’s good synth music!

“Another toy that helped destroy the elder race of man. Forget about your silly whim. It doesn’t fit the Plan!”

- Neil Peart

:D :D


“Tutti Frutti, all rooty! Tutti Frutti, all rooty!”

-Little Richard



You’re a very good fellow, D! :)

Quote: (TomS @ Apr. 14 2008, 9:06 PM)

You're a very good fellow, D! :)

Despite my "traitorous" ways? ???

You're alright in my book too Tom. (Fer a dern "Yankee...") LOL!


PS I hope you enjoy my son's CD I sent.

D - just so ya know and we’re clear on your “traitorous” thang with the ‘R’ and all…

I don’t think even the most hardcore N user faults you or anyone else for finding something that works for you to do your music with.

I know I don’t. With all the chatter about problems and version 6 coming up and all, I just wanted you and everyone else to know how I felt… about a bunch o’ yeller bellied turncoats… - err… strike that last line. :p

I don’t care how ya get it done - just git it right. :agree: