The Thief Who Had A Stammer

In this article I scarpe mbt going to write about an amazing incident which occured during one of the speech courses which I run in Birmingham. My name is Steve Hill and I have been running five-day courses to help people to overcome a stutter for the last ten years. A few years ago a client attended the course who was Zapatos mbt lets say shock me in a big way, I have now knicknamed him, the stuttering thief.I originally held the courses from my home in Brixham, Devon. I had moved to Devon from my native Birmingham when I was around twenty-three years of age. As Devon is on the south-west coast of England and is basically too far for MBT lot of people to travel, I would hold one course per month in Birmingham, in my sisters flat. Birmingham for any reader who is unaware of its location is situated in the heart of England and MBT Zapatos therefore accessible to the whole country.

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Our moderators are preoccupied with fame

Your it Mr Surelock
:laugh: get rope’n.
one specific moderator who shall remain nameless is passive

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Your it Mr Surelock
:laugh: get rope'n.
one specific moderator who shall remain nameless is passive

None of us have any power in this corner of the forum

Mark, this spammer/hacker is relentless.
I’v seen him before.
He will disrupt and ruin the forum by constantly posting new stories with adds.
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He’ll pepper this forum with a machine.
Fighting this guy will take some one with similar knowhow,
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Flavor needs to put a spell on this hacker. This could be the beginning of the end for this forum

Nope, I have no power in the forum.
I nominate Mark A.
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But I am not entirely passive – I did “ignore” our fiend - I mean “friend” – chillin, but that was all I could do…


Ya just messin with you… This guy isn’t going away on his own and will fill the forums up with bull…he caused me to close my forum a few yrs ago. This is the spammer hacker …You better let flavor know