The US vs. John Lennon

Well we all shine on…


I get a “coming soon” page. What is it?

It’s a film I guess.

Ah - about the problems he had with the FBI i see. excellent topic, great timing. Shall we make up a small party for the opener? :)

Did you become a citizen of Nutopia?

No. Should I?

Dont worry Kyoko,its only Mommie looking for her hand in the Snow.
now theres a title:p

That looks like a cool movie documentary and the timing looks pretty well planned too.


Yeah - can you imagine what would happen to Lennon today if he was around today & he was questioning Bush.

would we have to see he and yoko in bed again? ick. I would rather not imagine…

Remeber Clark - you don’t really care.

right, right, right…me in my gated community burning $1000 bills…

jickey jack.