The version 4 buglist for FLAVIO

…from Audiominds…

What follows are copies of the posted bugs or problems found in n-track ver. 4 while this forum was down.

They may not amount to much but thought that Flavio should at least see them.

First report copied from post by user buschfsu:

hello im running build 1670 of ntrack 4.0 and this error about directx and bitrate/stereo vs mono keeps coming up.

its not the stereo thing cause ive loaded the mono and the full and they both fail. i can load it into cubase with no problem. anyone else having this?

Copied from Sandreasfault

i’d love to use 4.0, seeing as i paid for the upgrade, but hitting play in build 1670 introduces three alien midi notes and throws this message:

evaluation version, a sound is added every 20 seconds

yes, it’s registered to me.



From user “Joe”:

Update on Alien Notes: Flavio gave me a new couple of registration codes and everything is now hunky dory with no notes.
The old codes appeared to be accepted by N-Track (and put my name in ‘registered to’ in Help About), but didn’t give me a ‘Registration successful’ dialog like the new ones. All very strange, but I’m sorted so I’m happy!



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Mac - I didn’t do it (honest).

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