The votes are in

and the winner is…

In the recent pool about “how much influence do you believe the christian right has in policy making in the US”, you voted about 82% thinking moderate influence to complete control. This is much higher than I would have guessed, but the really important question is whether this is a good thing or not. I don’t believe that anyone wrote that they thought fundamental christian influence in public policy making was a good thing.

If this is the case, then why is it happening? How is it happening? Does this conflict with the concept of division of church and state? Do you think this is just a minor swing of the political pendulum and that we will all be wearing our hair long again soon?



If this is the case, then why is it happening? How is it happening?
It's happening because the Christian right decided to get into politics 25 years ago and have been successful in taking over the government by marrying themselves with the Republican Party.

I read an article recently, and I wish I could find it again. I’ll keep looking for it…

But the gist of it was that the republican party and the fundies have a sort of marriage of convenience, and are sort of mutually using one another for votes and influence respectively. The original author made a much more compelling and eloquent point of it than I did. (Guess that’s why he’s the writer…)

I read it on my work PC - I’ll look again tomorrow.


As for WHY it is happening? Look at the last Democrat we had for President. Married, with a child, and couldn’t keep his pants on. (AND got caught.) GOLDEN opportunity for the “Christian right” as Mike calls it to stir up the pot. Which leads to HOW it is happening. Several million voters said, “I don’t know if I can trust anyone who supports a man and his ideals who obviously has low, low morals.” Now, I will agree that maybe this has nothing to do with leadership skills etc… but in the back of a lot of minds, people were thinking, "This bunch has got to go."

Well, that’s how I figure it went down FWIW.