The wonderful World of Soundcards!

Hmmm! What next?

Hey N-trackers,
I have a Gateway 1.1 ghz {AMD Thunderbird} cpu with 768 mb. of memory and a chaintech geforce fx 5500 256mb graphics card with a soundblaster live value 16 bit audio card which has some cool soundfonts. I want to upgrade to the next level which can be 24 bit was just wondering if the newer and better versions have these cool soundfonts, And yes I know some of these soundfonts are really cheasy just in case you’all thought I was crazy or is there a better card out there now for under $150.00 or less, I don’t really need anything more then 5 channels. Any advice ,tips and tricks are appreciated TIA fly :cool:

What is your main use of the soundcard, MIDI? Record Audio? Games?

The soundfonts you have can be used with the new soundblaster cards (audigy or X-FI) and you will found that in that way they sound near the same. Also you can download freebies soundfonts from the web or buy some others… but IMO, spend your money in a low latency card (emu0404 or audiophile 24-96 cheap/good ones) and use SFZ, a vsti soundfont player. And you can still use your soundblaster for soundfonts. (i dont know if emu’s or audiophiles support a second soundcard, but i gues that yes)

Hey Marce,
Recording audio and some midi, want to get another sound card since mine bit the dust! fly :D

Yeah, get a sound card that sounds good, and has GOOD AD/DA converters! Best move I’ve ever done is gone from SBLive! to Audiophile 24/96 (they even make a 24/192 now).

Soundfonts are easy to use even without the SBLive! card… there are several good VSTi plug ins that can use them. And most of them are free.

I suppose I’m really just confirming Marce’s post :)