The world according to Jacob Zuma

Former deputy president, alleged rapist

I don’t want to bore you guys with too many things of our country, but I just thought that this was worth sharing.
Absolutely frightning, but worth sharing.

It is a long read, but I just want to demonstrate what we are up against over here.
It seems that certain groups (in the minority, but still) have a very twisted idea of right and wrong.

This is from the rape trial that is going on here as we speak. Mr Jacob Zuma, former deputy president, is accused of raping a 31 year old woman last year November.

These are quotes/news from the proceedings.
Just note that what I say here isn’t judging on him being guilty or not, that is difficult enough.
I’m just commenting on what the courts have established thus far.

The World and life according to Jacob Zuma.

Zuma on HIV:

He told the court the reason for taking the shower was to minimise his chances of contracting HIV from the woman as they had not used a condom.…00.html

"It… would minimise the risk of contracting the disease," he told the court.…00.html

He told the court he is HIV-negative and believed there was only a minimal risk of his contracting the virus that causes Aids from her, based on knowledge gained while chairperson of the National Aids Council.

He knew she was HIV+, but went ahead anyway. (Consentual or not)

Can you believe he was the chairperson of the national Aids council ?

Zuma on how to know a woman wants sex with you:


Zuma said he woke her up and asked her to go to his bedroom as she had told him several times she wanted to discuss something with him, and he should wake her up if necessary.

De Beer asked Zuma why he hadn’t sat on the bed in her room and asked her to tell him what she wanted to discuss. He replied that he wasn’t used to holding discussions with guests in the guest room.

He told the Johannesburg High Court on Wednesday that the woman followed him to his bedroom and then sat on his bed, which indicated to him her intentions were to have intercourse.

“I said to myself there must be something she is up to,” he said.…00.html

So, let me get this straight - he’s not used to having meetings in the guest room, but his bedroom is fine ?

Again, back to Don Juan de Zuma’s guide on how to interpret sexual signals from a lady:

He has told Judge Willem van der Merwe, whom he addresses by the Zulu honorific Nkosi Yenkantolo (your honour), that he had received a number of sexual signals from the woman he allegedly raped.

This included talk about her need for sex even though she is HIV-positive, her arrival at his house in a short skirt, and her not objecting to him taking his clothes off in front of her while she lay under his duvet in his bedroom.

And, he added, he had no problem having sexual intercourse with her, bearing in mind that she “had needs”.
Zuma said the woman had never visited him wearing a skirt before. On the night of the alleged rape, she had arrived wearing a knee-length skirt.

"She had never in the past come to my house dressed in a skirt. Including times when I was living in Pretoria.

“When she came to me in a skirt after those talks I referred to earlier on, well, it told me something,” he said.

While sitting in a lounge watching television, she did not sit properly in her skirt, Zuma said.

"Under normal circumstances, if a woman is dressed in a skirt, she will sit properly with her legs together.

"But she would cross her legs and wouldn’t even mind if the skirt was raised very much."

De Beer then asked Zuma what he thought she was up to.

He replied: "I realised, well, there is something she is after, because of these things.

"Maybe she is trying to send a certain message to me by these actions."

De Beer asked what type of message he got.

"Maybe, because she is lonely, she is of the opinion I may also help her in this regard."

He believed the signs were there that she wanted to have sex with him.

Zuma also testified that in 54 SMSs the woman sent him in the two months before the alleged rape, she had ended the messages affectionately with “hugs”, “kisses” and “love”.

She had also told him she was missing him.

“She never used to end (them) in those words. Once she introduced those words, sexual connotations were also introduced in conversations,” he told the court.

He said twice the two had conversations of a sexual nature when she complained she did not have a boyfriend and Zuma had offered to comfort her.

The woman initiated these talks, Zuma said.

The fact that the woman went to him in his study dressed only in a kanga “indicated something to me”.

After he had finished working on paperwork related to his corruption trial set down for later this year, he went to the guest bedroom and summoned her to his bedroom so that they could talk.

"I wanted to see if she would come so I could see whether or not my suspicions were true or not.

"I said to myself: is this what she meant or did she mean something else?…00.html

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t:

"I touched her and kissed her. When I touched her private parts, she was ready."

He asked if she had a condom. She said “no”. He told her he did not have one either.

When he hesitated, she said he could not “leave a woman in that situation”.

“And I said to myself, I know as we grew up in the Zulu culture you don’t leave a woman in that situation because if you do then she will even have you arrested and say that you are a rapist.”…00.html


The following is the thing that really irks me.
Women protesting outside the courthouse:

“This destroys our men! Zuma would never rape,” said Euginia Yantcho of Bellevue East on Monday at Johannesburg High Court, waving a burning red G-string in her hand.

She was one of the supporters of axed former president Jacob Zuma who is standing trial on a rape charge.

“A G-string takes away a woman’s dignity. If a man sees a woman in a G-string, he deserves to rape her,” she said on Monday.

Yantcho knew that Zuma’s accuser was not wearing a G-string during the alleged rape.

She said the purpose of her demonstration was to take a moral stance against women who laid a charge of rape “too easily”.

“Women report rape too easily after they’ve enticed men with their bodies. Your body is a temple of God,” she said.

Sang 'Burn the bitch’

She added that “our daughters are asking to be raped” when they wear G-strings.

Yantcho was also one of the protestors who waved posters on March 7 with the woman’s name and picture on them, and later burned them while she sang “Burn the bitch”.

Carrie Shelver, a spokesperson for People Opposing Women Abuse (Powa) said on Monday that people did not always understand sexual offences.

“One can’t hold a piece of clothing responsible for sexual crime or moral degeneration.”…00.html

You see, here’s my point - If I walk down the road, and a woman is sitting buck naked and spread eagled on a parkbench, if I go closer and ‘offer myself’ to her, and she says no, then it is no.

To hear a woman say that any woman deserves to be raped if she wears a G-String drives me to tears.
What they are saying is that a man can take what is advertised (and actually have the right to), and even some women would think it is justified.
That makes me sick…

Like I said, I’m not commenting on the rape trial. What gets me is the things that he said in court surrounding the circuimstances. His credibillity has been somewhat scared by all of this.

Then you wonder why South Africa has one of the highest Aids counts in the world, when the guy that was the chairperson of the National Aids Counsel tells you that you can wash HIV off.
But that figures, as our current president (and the minister of health) STILL don’t believe that HIV leads to AIDS.
But that’s a different story altogether.

Just thought you guys might find this interesting - thanks for reading this far…



well, it’s pleasant to hear about crazy politicians from another country for a change.

No country has a monopoly on ignorance and arrogance.

Hey Wihan, did SA contribute troops or support to the Iraq effort ?

Yeah, I suppose. :)

Our country did not send people over to Iraq.

(There was a couple of churces and muslim groups that organised support parties to go and help with looking after the injured and homeless)

Our government didn’t want to get involved over there from a millitary point of view. In genral South Africa don’t try and p off other countries if not absolutely needed.

We did send official help to Phuket with the Tsunami and to New Orleans a while ago though…