There must be a way.

In the course of recording on the weekend, we had a few false starts - as a result its 2.20 into the .sng before the song starts for real.

How do I get rid of the junk at the start without going into a wave editor and messing around with inaccurate triming practices (my own), or mixing down each track seperately as a selection?


As I’m sure you know, you can grab the circle/handle at the left hand side of each track and move it to the right to just before the 2.20 point.

That of course leaves 2.20 silence at the start of the song. You can sort that by selecting all the tracks in the timeline (Shift-click does it), and then dragging all the tracks, together, in-sync, to the beginning of the song.

Well that’s one way. I’m sure there are others. This method is non-destructive.

Are you still on an early version? Things may be different.


Thanks Mark, I knew I could grab the handles, but not that I could grab multiple track handles. I’ll try that and see if I can’t get them all to start at the same time, or at least get rid of the crap at the start and then move them all together, which might work.


A caveat. The “selecting multiple tracks” thing works in V4. Not sure about older versions.


I don’t worry about the lapse time at the beginning. I just put a marker on the timeline where the song begins and go from there.

You can also just make a selection across all tracks of the portion you wish to remove, perform a cut (ctrl X), then shift-click all the tracks to select them all and use the crossed-arrow cursor to move them all to the left. This does not reduce the file sizes. I am not sure what happens if you do this in destructive mode but I do it all the time in non-destructive.

I will sometimes use a marker instead if there is anything of interest in the lead-in that I may want to keep (an interesting riff, funny comments, etc.). In this way I can tell that it is there. When I have two songs on the same take I sometime will just make a copy of the .sng file and do the cut/move process for a different song in each .sng file (non-destructively).


Thanks Jimbob - the multiple handle drag didn’t work in 3.3 - and your method worked a charm.