theres a ghost in my ntrack

so i got my ntrack to open with out crashing,but now the problem is that i had a demo synth that its limatation was that it would make a noise every 20 secs or so,well those tones started going off no matter what what synth i was using,I deleated the vsti and its still doing it ive never seen anything like it


Ok so it dose it any time that the live button is pressed there dosnt even have to a midi track.


Sounds like you still might have the VSTi loaded in the sng file…

Or maybe you recorded the output of the VSTi when it was loadde and now have a wav file with the demo noise…

No its doing it in new songfiles…this is horible =(

Ok this is driving me crazy i uninstaled n then reinstalled and its still doing it.

have you tried deleting the dll file for the VSTi?

Are you sure it is the VSTi sound. Is it maybe the n-Track demo sound?

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Yeah, something isn’t registered. One of Flavio’s effects?

Yeah i deleated the vsti but it has solved nothing.It was a organ synth called Mr Tramp that i got from kvr. ive tried every thing.


The organ sound is because n-Tracks isn’t registered (or doesn’t think it’s registered) or when attempting to use it in 24 bit mode when only the 16 bit venison is registered. If you are in 16 bit mode and it is for a fact registered or if it should be registered as 24 bits and it doesn’t seem to be then you need to email Flavio. This seems to happen for some folks. Flavio has a special command that will clear out something along with a new set of codes. Of course if this is the demo then it’s all by design.

Perhaps you lost the registration information when reinstalling. will it let you input the codes? If so, try that. If not, or if that doesn’t work, do what phoo has suggested and call flavio. He’ll sort it out for you. :)

I did reinstall the registration codes. but it didnt help ill send flavio a email thanx so much for your help guys,

Bones :)