These 154 programs


Programs eliminated or cut in the 2006 Bush budget


10:56 p.m. February 11, 2005

The 154 programs that President Bush wants to eliminate or cut in his 2006 budget proposal. Bush would terminate 99 programs and make major spending reductions in 55. Separately, the administration listed eight major reforms Bush proposed that also would produce spending cuts.

Of the terminations, Bush has recommended 59 of them before. Twenty-seven of the 55 programs targeted for spending reductions have been previously submitted to Congress.


?Agriculture Department

AMS Biotechnology Program

Forest Service Economic Action Program

High Cost Energy Grants

NRCS Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations

Research and Extension Grant Earmarks and Low Priority Programs

?Commerce Department

Advanced Technology Program

Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Program

Public Telecommunications Facilities, Planning and Construction Program

?Education Department

Comprehensive School Reform

Educational Technology State Grants

Even Start

(High School Program Terminations:)

Vocational Education State Grants

Vocational Education National Activities

Tech Prep State Grants

Upward Bound

Talent Search


Smaller Learning Communities

Perkins Loans: Capital Contributions and Loan Cancellations

Regional Education Laboratories

Safe and Drug Free Schools State Grants

(Small Elementary and Secondary Education Programs:)

Javits Gifted and Talented Education

National Writing Project

School Leadership

Dropout Prevention Program

Close Up Fellowships

Ready to Teach

Parental Information and Resource Centers

Alcohol Abuse Reduction

Foundations for Learning

Mental Health Integration in Schools

Community Technology Centers

Exchanges with Historic Whaling and Trading Partners

Foreign Language Assistance

Excellence in Economic Education

Arts in Education

Women’s Educational Equity

Elementary and Secondary School Counseling

Civic Education

Star Schools

(Smaller Higher Education Programs:)

Higher Education Demos for Students w/Disabilities

Underground Railroad Program

Interest Subsidy Grants

(Small Job Training and Adult Education Programs:)

Occupational and Employment Information

Tech-prep Demonstration

Literacy Programs for Prisoners

State Grants for Incarcerated Youth

(Small Postsecondary Student Financial Assistance Programs:)


Byrd Scholarships

B.J. Stupak Olympic Scholarships

Thurgood Marshall Legal Opportunity

(Small Vocational Rehabilitation Programs:)

Vocational Rehabilitation Recreational Programs

Vocational Rehab (VR) Migrant and Seasonal Workers

Projects with Industry

Supported Employment

Teacher Quality Enhancement Program

?Energy Department

Hydropower Program

Nuclear Energy Plant Optimization

Nuclear Energy Research Initiative

Oil and Gas Programs

?Health and Human Services Department

ACF Community Service Programs

ACF Early Learning Opportunities Fund

CDC Congressional Earmarks

CDC Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant

CDC Youth Media Campaign

Direct Service Worker Delivery Grants

HRSA Emergency Medical Services for Children

HRSA Health Facilities Construction Congressional Earmarks

HRSA Healthy Community Access Program

HRSA State Planning Grant Program

HRSA Trauma Care

HRSA Traumatic Brain Injury

HRSA Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

Real Choice Systems Change Grants

?Housing and Urban Development Department


?Interior Department

BLM Jobs-in-the-Woods Program

LWCF State Recreation Grants (NPS)

National Park Service Statutory Aid

Rural Fire Assistance (BLM, NPS, FWS, BIA)

?Justice Department

Byrne Discretionary Grants

Byrne Justice Assistance Grants

COPS Hiring Grants

COPS Interoperable Communications Technology Grants

COPS Law Enforcement Technology Grants

Juvenile Accountability Block Grants

National Drug Intelligence Center

Other State/Local Law Enforcement Assistance Program Terminations

State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP)

?Labor Department

Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Training Program

Reintegration of Youthful Offenders

?Transportation Department

National Defense Tank Vessel Construction Program

Railroad Rehabilitation Infrastructure Financing Loan Program

?Enviromental Protection Agency

Unrequested Projects

Water Quality Cooperative Agreements

?National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Hubble Space Telescope Robotic Servicing Mission

?Other Agencies

National Veterans Business Development Corporation

Postal Service: Revenue Forgone Appropriation

SBA: Microloan Program

SBA: Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Participating Securities Program


?Agriculture Department

Federal (In-House) Research

Forest Service Capital Improve and Maintenance

Forest Service Wildland Fire Management (incl. supp. and emergency funding)

Biomass Research and Development


CCC ? Bioenergy

CCC ? Market Access Program

Farm Bill Programs (EQIP)

Farm Bill Programs (CSP)

Farm Bill Programs (WHIP)

Farm Bill Program (Farm and Ranchland Protection)

Farm Bill Programs (Ag. Management Assistance)


Renewable Energy

Rural Firefighter Grants

Rural Strategic Investment Program

Rural Business Investment Program

Value-added Grants

Watershed Rehabilitation

NRCS Conservation Operations

NRCS Resource Conservation and Development Program

Water and Wastewater Grants and Loans

?Commerce Department

Manufacturing Extension Partnership

?Education Department

Adult Education State Grants

State Grants for Innovation

?Energy Department

Environmental Management

?Health and Human Services Department

HRSA Children’s Hospitals GME Payment Program

HRSA Health Professions

HRSA Rural Health

SAMHSA Programs of Regional and National Significance

State, Local & Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Grants

?Housing and Urban Development Department

Housing for Persons with Disabilities

Native American Housing Block Grant

Public Housing Capital Fund

-Interior Department

Bureau of Indian Affairs School Construction

National Heritage Area Grants

Payments in Lieu of Taxes

USGS, Mineral Resources Program

?Justice Department

Federal Bureau of Prisons Construction Program

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program

Juvenile Justice Law Enforcement Assistance Programs

?Labor Department

International Labor Affairs Bureau

Office of Disability Employment Policy

Workforce Investment Act Pilots and Demonstrations

?State Department

Assistance for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union

?Transportation Department

FAA ? Facilities and Equipment

FAA ? Airport Improvement Program (Oblim)

FRA ? Next Generation High Speed Rail

?Treasury Department

Internal Revenue Service ? Taxpayer Service

?Environmental Protection Agency

Alaska Native Villages

Clean Water State Revolving Fund

-National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Aeronautics: Vehicle Systems Program

Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter

?Other Agencies

Archives: National Historical Publications & Records Commission

U.S. Institute of Peace, Construction of New Building


Agriculture: Rural Telephone Bank

Commerce: Economic and Community Development Programs

Homeland Security: State and Local Homeland Security Grants

Homeland Security: Transportation Security Administration, Recover Aviation Security Screening Costs Through Fees

Labor: Job Training Reform, Consolidate Grants Program

Transportation: Amtrak

Army Corps of Engineers (Civil Works): Performance Guidelines for Funding Construction Projects

U.S. Agency for International Development and Department of Agriculture: International Food Aid

Holy Moly, Nero or what? Play that fiddle GWB.

I would not get too excited yet fellas. I’ve read that a lot of the programs scheduled to be wacked are duplicating efforts of other programs. Why pay twice the money for the same amount of screw-ups! ???


Quote (gtr4him @ Feb. 14 2005,09:31)
I would not get too excited yet fellas. I've read that a lot of the programs scheduled to be wacked are duplicating efforts of other programs. Why pay twice the money for the same amount of screw-ups! ???


that's part of the justification, and if somethign is truly duplicative, but let's wait to see how much overlap there really is, that'll be a tough analysis, and there is just the slightest possibility that the "duplicative" idea was floated to make cuts that are really cuts easier to swallow. When anyone sees anything on it let us know. :)

These programs are chicken-feed compared to defense, Iraq & entitlements. If you want to fix the deficit, cut back & reform these programs (yes Social Security too), and raise taxes on people making >$200,000.

I have a friend who makes that much (he’s a Republican). He went out & bought a Jaguar with his extra. Tell me how that trickle-down is going to help any of you. It helps that Republican Jaquar dealer for sure.

Mr Soul

We make the yarn that goes in the airbags in the Jag. No car sales = TG unemployed. There’s a trickle fer you!


Oh my god! Real life example!

Thanks TG!

TG - do you really expect me to believe that?!?! ???

Yeah. Real life has a way of smacking one in the face every now and then eh?


Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 14 2005,10:56)
TG - do you really expect me to believe that?!?! ???

Sure I do. Jaguar is owned by Ford Motor Company. The majority of the yarn we manufacture is sold to weavers who make airbag fabric for component builders who make the airbag modules for Ford - (Jaguar), Toyota, GM, etc... The company I work for is the second largest supplier of high quality technical yarns in the world. And yes our lil 'ol plant is in podunk Alabama.

Believe it, or not. ???


PS Read that again. Lots of "trickling" going on in the above paragraph.

PSS Oh and we try to keep ourselves in business. EVERYBODY here drives an automobile with airbags containing our product.


I was going to say the same thing about the enormous “trickle down” from all the things that only benefit “rich people”

But there would be more trickle-down for you if 2 or 3 middle class people went out and bought several new Fords, then my friend buying one Jaq, right?

Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 14 2005,12:05)
But there would be more trickle-down for you if 2 or 3 middle class people went out and bought several new Fords, then my friend buying one Jaq, right?

Yup. It all helps.


PS Don't tell your friend he paid a ludicrous amount of money for a dolled up Ford Taurus. Might hurt his feelings.

comfort him with the fact that the car doesn’t say ‘Ford’ on it anywhere. I think the new Jags actually look more like Hyundais!

Money that is spent affects the economy no matter who spends it, the gummit or you. “Trickle down” is on a par with phlogiston. Deficit spending as practiced by both Reagan and Bush the 2nd should really be the focus of your thoughts. Trickle down is a red herring. But then taht’s what the conservative “economists” who bought into and continue to buy into the model want you to think. they are not such morons as to actually believe that it works the way they say it does. Sorry! :(

Quote (TomS @ Feb. 14 2005,13:57)
Deficit spending as practiced by both Reagan and Bush the 2nd should really be the focus of your thoughts.

As usual, Tom cuts right to the chase! :D :D

I focus on it all the time. It's just a game for those bean heads in Washington. Write this down or save this post if you want. I'm about to gaze into my crystal ball and make a prognostication. (Err...sumthin' like that anyway.) MMMMM....
** Incense smell here....**

**EDIT** Forgot the the Indian Sitar music in the background! What WAS I thinking!! **END EDIT**

2008 - A Democrat will be elected President (No, NOT Hillary!!)
2010 - The budget is not as screwed as we (Dems) thought.
2012 - "Hey! Re-elect ME! I balanced the d@$m budget after the Repubs screwed it up beyond measure!"

Hide and watch.

TG -- Cynic?

Very Cynical, but, true TG. Hey let’s start a band, “The Government Cynics” we can go on tour with Govt. Mule, teach ol Warren how to play that guit-fiddle. LOL

Wait a sec, you guys play strats don’t cha? I can’t be seen on stage with strats.:stuck_out_tongue:

Never work Yaz. The Dems would get Bruce Springsteen to club us to death with Linda Ronstadt’s brassiere then the Repubs would send our widows a bill for utilizing government services. :D :D