Things have changed

as they always do

####…it’s ben awhile since I’ve been here. I just dl’d the 224 bit version and …whuh? I’m lost. There are so many options and windows that can be re-sized and …stuff! It seems a bit cluttered if you ask me.

There doesn’t seem to be a definition in the help file for “navigator”. Just to start with one question at a time…what is navigator?

Some thing more to clutter the screen.

It’s just a miniature representation of the wave file region.
Say if your running 16 tracks or something, instead of using the scroll bars to get to where you want to go, you can use the navigator, left click and drag the little box. That area of the wave file region will appear on the screen.

It’s almost getting to the point where 2 monitors would be nice, but alot of the stuff is just visual razzle dazzle. I shut pretty well all of it off.