thinking about taking ACID

Yeah - I use Acid Music Studio for all my drum tracks. Did I mention I got the Joe Vitale collection a while back. Man - what a great set of loops, plus included is a video on how they recorded the drums.


Joe Vitale

Well I'll be -
Darn if he isn't the drummer for Joe Walsh on:
The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
I like Joe and Jeff Porcaro(deceased) alot.

That he is & there are even some of those Walsh loops in the collection.

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Every time I pull "The BUS" up to the pumps, WHOOSH! Eighty Five bucks disappears from my bank account. I FEEL your pain Yaz... D

I feel the pain guys...Only yesterday it cost me $30 to fill up my Yukon :whistle:

Back on subject: Acid is great for drums. There are hundreds of free loops and single hits available on the Internet, and it's incredibly easy to import them into Acid and create your track.