This is a joke


I give you…the 100,000 amplifier!

Only 100,000!
Click here!

Hey you can’t beat that FREE shipping though. Go ahead Tom. Bust out the piggy bank. You know you want it!


Probably not, but the price is up there. Donn Bennett’s has a bunch of vintage drums but nothing in that price range, though some are close. I suppose all you can do is ask, and whoever is selling is asking. I guess there needs to be real proof it was Scotty Moore’s stuff, then Paul Allen would pick it up for EMP. That’s a very cool place, if you ever get out to Seattle.

seems kinda odd to me that they would know what happend to scottys amp,but the guitar he recorded the elvis stuff on they dont know what happend to it,scotty traded it in in like 62 or sumthin for a different one and hasnt seen or heard of it since,and no one is sayin they have

What a deal,

hey if you get the E-Bay mastercard, no payments til 2008! :agree: