this is different

is the music MIDI?

Check this out
very cool…

is the music MIDI?



The music is by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Not MIDI.

TSO here


so they are real musicians…impressive

Quote (g8torcliff @ Dec. 22 2005,20:53)
so they are real musicians.....impressive

Check out The Trans Siberian Orchestra version of O come all ye faithful/O Holy night. Beautiful music especially on the Christmas DVD they released,

TG, how did you know it was the TSO?

I’d seen the light thing before and assumed it was a midi sync-up or something.


I am sure there s MIDI in there somewhere. No elaborate stage show like their’s is a manual affair. But the basic instrumentation is indeed live.

I LOVE TSO! That’s how I knew what/who it was! :D

I’m guessing the guy is a musician/electro-geek (like me :) ) and rigged up his DMX lighting power modules to be triggered by a MIDI track he either got off the net or sat down and hammered it in by hand. Todays lighting control systems are VERY powerful. Even the cheapo stuff can do amazing things in the right hands. Anyway, that was a cool show.


PS I guess in my first post I should have more clear… er-er… :D