This is indeed odd

The only connection I can make to the internet is here. Every other device on my network shows it as down except my laptop - odd. Nothing else will connect.

It’s a sign. But what does it mean? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Time for reboots. At least one device probably has an IP conflict. Easy to do, and usually easy to fix with hard reboots. Bring all machines down, then boot em up one at a time, starting with the one that connects to the internet. I’ve had little luck trying to fix connections without rebooting.

But the machine online would only connect to the forum. No google or nothing. Even let me post. Now I get local only connections - time to get off the iPhone and reboot the

My cable modem does the same doggone thing to me Poppa. About twice a week I have to power it down and reset. Dunno why… Everything works… maybe ONE machine can hit the net… maybe even only a couple web sites but nowhere else. Reset the cable modem, POOF! Everybody is back on the webber-net… shrug


phoo’s probably right, he usually is in these matters.

Anecdotal: If you’re behind a wireless router that may be the culprit. I used to have a D-Link somthingorother that required frequent resets. Got rid of that and voila! That said, I’ve never been able to just access one single site. I’ve had national/international but never just one site.

Only the port to n is open?


May be a DNS problem, your laptop may have cached the IP address of this site and so it can find it ok should get you to if it does, your ISP DNS server is down
If it doesn’t then it’s er… another problem.