This is pretty cool...

Yes, that is totally cool.

Rats!! I don’t have a Mac!

TG – Mac Mini in the future ???


I just pulled ut up on a Mac Mini. Worked so well!

I am not a huge NIN fan, but this is an interesting model, methinks.

Besides the more attractive pricing, that little guy’s foot print is tiny! I think one of those would be great to get a taste of Mac world. I wonder if a guy had a Mac-mini and something like Logic Xpress or whatever… could you handle real-world, serious projects? I mean the high end model is a G4 1.5mhz or something isn’t it?


You could do serious damage, my friend. I run Logic and ProTools on a much slower G4.

we use them here at the office for video conferencing…using ichat. The small footprint allows us to use them almost anywhere, use a KVM switch to leverage existing KB, mouse and monitor.

Sweet… Oh the G.A.S. pains… :D