This is why I havent been around...

Finally finished FAWM…

Hey guys.
I haven’t been very prolific on here for a while…and here’s why.
The last FAWM we did here, I asked some local bands to record a song each in order to produce an album for a UK charity.
Well, I got 11 acts together (including myself) and we did it. Album out now!

Had a launch gig last night and I formed a band just for the event…(hence we were called the temporaries) and seven of the other acts performed on stage too…man it was a long night.

Anyhow, a LOT of work has gone into it with free studio time etc. etc…Nearly a year!

Here’s a preview of the finished product!!! I’m so proud! ALL my songs!!…&sr=8-1


Wow! Nice work, dude. Well worth the effort.

Sold one more! Rocking AWESOME. :agree:

Totally EXCELLENT. Nice one.

Grats Craig! Sounds like a lot of work on all fronts: writing, recording, but also coordinating everything with all those bands. Way to be.

Thanks guys! (sorry I just couldn’t contain it)
Tom ya didn’t need to do that

wow! great work hun:) i’m dead proud. :;):

The energy and co-operation required to put the together is incredible…
What a way to keep busy…


very proud of ya son… i spent many hours with you on my mind, in my heart and lots of prayers for your heart and head. Knowing how creative folks are and how hard it is to just ‘be’ sometimes, and the struggles to get through daily… I simply thank God for you my friend. Very very good! :agree:

Ditto what Pops said… :agree:

I always said Craigerspread had the “stuff”… Keep it up bud!! :)


Thanks again!

Poppa, it may well be those very thoughts and prayers that brought me out of the ‘black’. That was a deep dark hole back there.
Thank you and God bless you my friend.