This land is your land, this land is my land...

Road trip…

I won’t be posting for a couple of months. Starting July 5th, I’ll be heading with my family across this great land called the USA. Starting in Philly all the way to San Diego and back. I’m going to take 7 or more weeks to do it. Hitting many of the tourist spots; ie. the Grand Canyon, the Giant Sequoias…etc.

I wish you all a great summer.

Take care,


what an awesome summer. color me envious. I am stuck in sunny Toronto all summer.

wow, great trip!.. the grand canyon is unbelievable… i had tears in my eyes the first time i saw it… san diego is great, too… just don’t take your wife and kids into tijuana! :D

drive safe,

Hey Dr - you’re going to be out near me when you hit San Diego! Do you know when you’re going to be in So. CA?

be careful with the family truckster. "You may think you hate it now, but wait 'till you drive it."

and don’t tie the dog to the bumper

and say hi to Marty Moose at Walley World

“I think you’re all fued in the head. We’re ten hours from the fuing fun park, and you wanna bail out! Well, I’ll tell you something, this is no longer a vacation . . . it’s a quest! It’s a quest for fun! I’m gonna have fun, and you’re gonna have fun! We’re all gonna have so much fuing fun we’ll need plastic surgery to remove our Goddamn smiles! You’ll be whistling Zip-a-dee-doo-da out of your aholes! I’ve got to be crazy! I’m on a pilgrimage to see a moose! Praise Marty Moose!”

Uh…clark? I think it’s time to take your pills… :D


PS Chevy Chase was a hoot in those movies! :D

PPS Hey Doc, ya’ll be careful now ya heah?

That’s a tremendous amount of time for a vacation; sounds like you’re taking great advantage of the opportunity. Have a safe and wonderful time. If you do the hole-in-the-ground tour right, you can add the Meteor Crater, volcanos and cliff dwellings to list of things to do in Arizona; all are relatively close to the Grand Canyon. Utah is definitely worth a side trip too.

Thanks guys, getting the last of the of the bugs out of the ol’ winnebego (1982 diesel Winnebego “Brave” to be exact). This is why we bought this monster 8 years ago. We wanted to do this trip across the country. Now it is finally happening… very cool.

Taking these last few nights to jam a bunch of bluegrass Mp3s onto a few CDs for the Winnie stereo. Gotta listen to Ricky Skaggs when you pass through the heartland of this great country.

Toker, we are planning to be in Southern CA around July 12. We are going to make a beeline from here to San Diego (my sister’s home), then take our time in the southwest. I will try to hit an internet cafe’ somewhere on the way in case we can stop and have a cold one (I’ll buy the first round).

Take care all, and thanks again for the good wishes…


No Mike, don’t leave us! If for no other reason that my fretting hand is aching like fuckery, and I need advice! :D

Anyway ya bum, if you can afford a vacation that long, you surely can afford a laptop and cell-phone too.

I could also add that if I knew where you were, there might be a chance we’d meet up. But sadly, at the moment it appears that taking the RV to the US in the immediate future appears low probability.

In fact, at the moment it appears that taking the RV off the sales lot is an even lower probability.

OK, meteor crater, you’ll love it. (Or at least you’d better. Two hours drive across miles and miles of miles and miles to see a big hole in the ground takes a lot of love).

Then just south of that is Montezuma’s Well, which is another hole in the ground, (but wetter).

But of course, there’s still the Grand Canyon which is a …………………….

Anyway, Utah is nice! LOL

But ya gotta see Vegas if you haven’t already.

On my recent trip over there it was one of the highlights, it’s like picking a scab, it’s something you have to do! :D

The fountains in front of the Belagio are wonderful, so are many other of “out front” casino displays, but the best thing is watching the people on the slots.

Remember Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, all those mindless robots punching buttons? That’s Vegas! LOL

Anyway, despite being becalmed, I’m still planning, and still thinking.

The route I had planned, which included Tom, TG, Toker and Wihan and many others, ran afoul somewhere between Ohio and the mid Atlantic trench, but I’m still working on it. :(


Thanks Ali for all the advice. I’m sure we will see at least a few of the big holes in the ground.

As for your fretting hand, I have an exercise that will help that. First, make sure there is no swelling of the muscles or joints (other than the kind you roll). Then you should try practicing “touch technique” to loosen your muscles and relax your hands while practicing scales and such.

Here is how you do “touch technique”. Try playing scales but instead of pressing the strings firmly to the fret, just lightly touch the string (with your fretting hand) so that the string does NOT make contact with the fret. Instead, it will just mute the string. If the string sounds a note, you are pressing too hard. Practice your scales slowly and cleanly using this technique. You will find that with practice, your regular playing will get faster, and your hands will not hurt. You also will get a lighter, more controlled touch with your fretting hand.

This exercise is very good for your fretting hand.

take care friend,


Thank you Mike, I’m really going to try that.

The only swelling I have is due to arthritis, but I’m stuck with that.

I haven’t touched the guitar in a month which I think is the main reason.

But, that exercise sounds just like what I need, thank you again. :)

EDIT: ok, doing it now. How long for?

ANOTHER EDIT: Still hurts. :( Play through the pain or rest it?

If you are in pain just moving your fingers… rest. I think I would try an anti-inflamitory and maybe ice. Rest for a day or two. Also, gentle stretching of the fingers is always good.

Try the exercise again when you are not in so much pain. The idea of the exercise is to learn a light touch and a controlled touch on the fingerboard. If you do this right, your fingers should feel better the longer you do it. Lots of deep breathing when you practice to keep relaxed.

take care,


Quote (DrGuitar @ June 30 2005,22:31)
I'm sure we will see at least a few of the big holes in the ground.

There's a big man-made hole in the ground in Greensburg, Kan. Don't know if it's on your travel itinerary, but I also don't know if I recommend that one or not.

Ach, you ought to see those man made holes in Arizona and Nevada.

A wee man standing 3,000 feet down at the bottom…

"Yep, that’s it boss, no more copper/silver/black pudding left!"

Boss, (to admin officer), “He signed the release form, yeah?”


“And you reckon he’s the bugger who was screwing my daughter?”


“OK. Fill it in”.


Have a great and safe trip Doc!


A man goes into a diner and orders a cup of coffee. The waitress comes with the coffee but has her thumb stuck in the cup. The man asks why she has her thumb in his cup o coffee. She replies "The doctor told me I have arthritis in my thumb and to keep it in something warm and moist. The man replies “Then stick it up your arse!” The waitress replies “I do when I’m not serving coffee.” :p

Quote (Sceptic Tank @ June 30 2005,22:18)
The route I had planned, which included Tom, TG, Toker and Wihan and many others, ran afoul somewhere between Ohio and the mid Atlantic trench, but I’m still working on it. :(

Hahahaha !

This might help, but at 7 knots it’s going to take while …

If it is a little high on the budget, consider this :

:D :D

Dr G - If you’re still online, have a great (and safe) trip.
I am so envious. Enjoy every minute. (And show some fotos afterwards).


ROFL Yaz. :D

Wihan, that’s the sort of camper I need!

No more surreptitious midnight micturition! LOL

Don’t you hate that?

There you are, 3am, and the 12 pints of lager have come home to roost.

So, you assume everyone else on the campsite is asleep, and you open the camper door and participate in ecological recycling.

Then, too late, you realise there’s a 10 MPH wind blowing straight at you! :D

ROFL, Tank, too much.

That reminds me of a Jerry Jeff Walker tune “Pissin’ In The Wind” :D