This looks interesting.......

home of the future?

Interesting article HERE. I hope they can bring the investment costs down and make it feasible for homes in the rest of the country.


Interesting article! I live in Dubai where we have sunshine 365 days a year. Maybe the Government here should start thinking about when the oil will run out?


Will Shell Oil buy the sun, that is the question.

Quote (YazMiester @ Aug. 14 2005,06:29)
Will Shell Oil buy the sun, that is the question.

No... but the Chinese might!


Go solar - the US government is now giving tax credits.

Well the U.S. is far behind Europe and other countries in its increase of renewable energy sources such as this. I suppose we’re counting on our vast untaped off shore oil to keep us going! lol :laugh:
It’s funny because before Bush we we’re on the incline as far as wind, and solar power being built…then to no ones surprise our growth n that area is a 1/4 of what it was. Would this have anything to do with Bush’s family owning Oil stock?..hmmmmmmmmmm:)

keep shinin’


I’ve noticed recently while driving home the unusual number of Dodge hemi trucks and SUV’s for sale by the owner. Vehicles sitting in the yard with huge signs on them. Guess $80 filling up every third day is getting a little too expensive. I find this very funny, since most Americans are so proud of their vehicles.

Looks like Toyota will soon be #1 in auto sales in the states. How ironic that the bomb the Japanese serves back on America comes in another form. ???