Thoreau - Poems in Song

is finally finished…

Well I’ve finally finished a project that I begun ~30 years ago - putting some poems of HD Thoreau to music. Thoreau - Poems in Song contains 6 song/poems and 4 live recordings of some of the songs done back in the mid-80’s with my former singer partner Kathy Slack from Maine. You can listen to the music on my web site - click on Thoreau or MP3. You can also purchase the mini-CD for $7 plus shipping from my web site.

Unfortunately, I didn’t publish the poems because I was concerned about copyright (although there probably isn’t any now).

I’ve added a new free-bee: Love (live) from the Damn Yankee at the University of Maine, Orono.

The guy in that picture is probably thinking; "I wish they would have told me they where planning on takin my picture, I could have washed my hair! OR he’s thinkin “Thank god I don’t actually have any hair on my face”!

Congratulations Mr Soul! You have tenacity and a cool name!

Well - the guy in the photo is Henry David Thoreau - a pretty important character in the modern philosopher and leader in Civil Disobedience world, cited by Martin Lurther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi to name a few.