Those pops and glitches are FEATURES, people!

Blips are all the rave!!

You crusty sheltered bedroom noodlers and home-studio shut-ins probably don’t realize it, but Blip & Glitch are all the rave in the latest Euro-Trend of production. What you’ve got is a bleeding edge Italian audio-engine that’s two steps ahead of the finest rave house sound machines that are taking Europe by storm. Relax and enjoy those clicks and warbles and know that your friends and pals will marvel at how state-of-the-art your otherwise feable tunesmithing can be rendered. :;):

8===D <-----Dewey!!

Awwww let the meathead have his fun…I am sure Flavio has had a few laughs too…:stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re still getting Blibs and Glitches then you obviously don’t know what you are doing and that leaves little reason to take any of your comments seriously HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

I guess that I am going to miss the boat on this latest European thang then, as I can’t produce any blips and glitches anymore. :( The only ones I get nowadays is dodgy mp3 encoding that I either download or do through MS Media Player ???