thoughts on the Steinberg VSL2020?

Anyone experienced one? I’ve been looking for an ADAT based card to replace my Layla and such and came across this prodoct after losing an auction for a Frontier Design’s Dakota for the SECOND time!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

so, anyways, what do you think of said product?

I have read numerous post on griping about the VSL2020. You know how it is though, some hack who can barely turn on his PC and does not want to take time to learn his equipment is usually the first dude to start dumping on the card on forums and such. Steinie generally has a pretty good rep IMO. I have no personal experience with the VSL2020. I’d take a chance on one though if I needed a dedicated ADAT card. Most of the complaints I read were concerning using the 2020 with Steinies “System Link” setup where you tie bunches of PC’s and interfaces together to build a large, flexible system. Bit of overkill for a personal project studio. I bet it works great as an ADAT interface. It’s probably all the other crap those guys are futzing about with that kill it.


PS How many ADAT ports do you need? Events EZ8 card is cheap although it only carries 8 channels. I’ve read about some dudes dropping two of those in a PC for 16 channels though.

honestly I only need two channels right now…but you know :)
(I sometimes record bands so I’d like at least 8+2 S/PDIF)

I currently have a Layla 24/96 but want to sell it for something cheaper with the same number of inputs. the only thing I’ll be losing is the 96khz resolution in most situations, which is fine since I typically record at 48 anyways.

I like the idea of being able to simply spend $200 on another ADA8000 and have 16-18 channels. I often charge only about $200 so if a band wants a demo, I can go out and buy one without being in the hole.

I’ve looked at RME, and Frontier Designs, even at the EZ8, but the VSL2020 seems to be perfect. it’s got 16 adat channels, 2 S/PDIF and even 2 analog ins/outs WITH smux compatibility for when I do 96 khz stuff (occasionally) and all for $200. I can drop another $200 and have 32 adat at 48khz channels, or a full 16 at 96 khz.

the dakota doesn’t handle SMUX. The RME does I think, but it’s also like $600. I really want SMUX because in the future I plan to get that Macki ONYX 8 channel pre that does 192khz I believe, and I don’t want to have to swap out audio cards just to handle the higher resolution.