Three note organ after registration

v 4.05

I just did a fresh install and I get a three note organ sound whenever I play or record anything. I’ve already registered it and it said "thank you for regestering"

Has this happened to anyone else?

Any Ideas?

16bit codes on a 24bit system?


yep 16 bit codes on a 24 bit system :(

I paid for the ugrad from 3.x, does this only put me at 4.x 16 bit? Now I have to upgrade again? If that’s the case, this is going to be more expensive than I thought.

If you were registered to version 3.x 24 bit when you upgraded to version 4.x you should have received 24 bit 4.x registration codes. If you were registered to version 3.x 16 bit you could have upgraded to version 4.x 24 bit for $38 (instead of $25 for v3.x to 4.x plus $26 for 16 bit to 24 bit). I’m sorry if this sounds confusing.
If you think you received the wrong codes or if you did the simple 3.x to 4.x upgrade while you really wanted to do the 3.x to 4.x + 16 to 24 bit upgrade please email me (click on Support on the left website bar and then on “Feedback form”) and we’ll correct the situation.