Three songs...

…from a CD recorded entirely on n-Track

I just finished re-doing our band website: , and put up some mp3 files of three of the songs from our new CD “swingset”, recorded this summer using n-Track.

Here are the songs:



Hard Times is in a different sonic league than the other two, it sounds VERY good at my end.

Talking To Myself lacks low end definition and high end sparkle, coming across as more wooly and muffeled than it should be.

I Want To Tell You also has some mastering compressor/limiter funkiness resulting in a ducking effect whenever the vocals come in.

But man, Hard Times… :)

I agree, Hard Times is an excellent recording. All the individual instruments are crystal clear.

I really enjoyed this. Instruments are all separate and very present. Especially like the crispness of the brushes.

Lovely guitar sparkle!

Thanks, everyone!

Thinking that perhaps the low bitrate mp3s might have hurt the sound quality, I reposted the songs on the website at about double the bitrate.

Now to get better mics and preamps!

Cheers, Tim

Nice stuff! Only three of you did this work? I’m impressed.