Throwing accapellas off beat

n-track throws each wav off beat

What would cause my n-track studio 4.0 to throw each wav file off beat after i lay it down… normally does it the worse if i’ve got more then a couple wav forms not mixed down yet…

I record w/a delta m-audio 66 breakout box with a behringer 21 track mixboard, regular condensor mic (MXL)… i’ve got tons of memory and ram in my computer, and i just reformed so i’ve got 50gb of free space on my hardrive…

And, another question, can someone AIM me the serial number to upgrade my n-track to 24 bit by chance? i payed on here to get it upgraded and all it did was give me the regular 4.0 version… <—my aol name. Or just give me a link to where I can get the 24 bit version…


Hey, we don’t spend every minute watching for questions. You might want to wait more than a half hour.

Second question first: if your codes didn’t work correctly, use the support page on this website and report the problem and it will be addressed quickly. We can’t send you our codes without violating our licence agreements.

About your sync problem, here are some things to try:

- Make sure you’re using the latest drivers from m-Audio’s website, not the ones that came on the disk in the box.
- Try ASIO or WDM drivers, not MME.
- In “Preferences -> Options”, uncheck both boxes for “Use System Timer for”. (Do this even if the above fix the problem.)
- In “Preferences -> Audio Devices -> Advanced”, try both settings for “Keep devices open”.

I think there are a few more things, but usually it’s one of these.

lol@me asking for those codes… sorry abt that… thanks for the info though abt getting rid of that problem… appreciated…

i payed on here to get it upgraded and all it did was give me the regular 4.0 version

If you've paid for the 24bit upgrade, email Flavio. Otherwise, chances are you've just paid for the 16bit version. 24bit is extra.