thunderbirds echo effect!

were trying to get a reverb/echo effect on a voice that i can only discribe by saying i used to watch thunderbirds with my brother & sister & thered be a tannoy system in an oil refinery & the voice coming over it would have this fast decaying echo. it might be called slapback i dont know, we have the usual free plugins but cant get it right
any ideas how ttto gggget it mr ttracey?



I wonder if there is an impulse for SIR that was made in some outdoor setting with lots of oddly placed reflective surfaces. I will check, but that’s one good way to go.

“Slapback” usually refers to a quick echo of the sort found on Elvis recordings made at Sun. That was done with a tape machine, recording on one head and playing it back on the next - depending on the speed of the tape and the distance between two heads, you get a really short or a fairly short single echo. The delay needs to be greater than 50 milliseconds or so, say, 100-200 milliseconds, b/c shorter than that you can’t really hear the echo as a separate sound. You can also feed the delayed signal back in for repeats. If you do this at a period that is related to the tempo of the song, you can get interesting effects, like Pink Floyd did all the time. The other thing that helps with slapback is when the timbre of the repeats differs from the original - e.g., when low and high end are attenuated.

Thing is, I don’t think you want slapback from what you describe, I get the idea that you want multiple echoes that are not regularly placed, and that have a restricted frequency band. I bet there is an impulse for that, or a plugin. If I have it right, you’d need multiple echo plugins inserted along with EQ restricting the repeats in the appropriate way. Am I close? I bet Bubba or Poppa or Bill would have better insight into all of this.

F.A.B. Tina. Is this it, at 2.46?

If so. Tom, it is kinda slap-ish. Megaphone with, asd you say, random short reflections.

Hi All:

If I were gonna try a Slap-back echo on a track I’d Clone the track and then shift/slide one of them on the timeline till you get the response you like…
Then Give the EQ. on the delayed track that you like to hear…
Then “Group” the two tracks and set the level that fits for the track-and-mix…



Quote: (TonyR @ Dec. 16 2010, 2:15 AM)

F.A.B. Tina. Is this it, at 2.46?

FAB tony that is the sound were after!

Thanks tom & bill for the ideas how to make it

downloaded the sir thingy & some impluses but none of them were right

it sounds a bit complicated to make guess well have to try

parker get the rolls royce were going for a little drive!

just a simple application of the right ‘room’ verb that’s a simulated hanger echo - if you have any room impulses that are huge that you can wet/dry tweak should be easy to get. I just ran a test and pretty much nailed it in a few minutes. I too use full track copies for easily adjusted Slap delay/echo by nudging the copy slightly to the right until I hear the desired delay, then apply a huge room verb to original at one level then to the copy at another level then mix til it’s what I’m going for.

MDA Delay is perfect to get this. It has separate delay for left and right, but can be used mono as well. There’s enough control that you should be able to dial in a near identical repro of that sound. MDA Delay is one of the really good ones from the MDA collection.

thanks poppa & phoo… you old guys know your stuff… young men are overated!
we did what you said & got exactly what we wanted

do we all get funny names here when we get older? :laugh:


No…you get funny names when you are younger and spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of them.

…thank Poopdeck Pappy for mine… :angry:

Quote: (phoo @ Dec. 16 2010, 4:15 PM) get funny names when you are younger and spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of them.

...thank Poopdeck Pappy for mine... :angry:

Funny as f.. Phoo! Yuh killin' me. I actually laughed aloud (spat cider, sharp intake, all that)

I was Plug from The Beano comic.

Tina! Glad you got that sorted. I found myself messing around with it again this eve'. Great fun.

PS. What did you do with the EQ?

Yeah, you OLD guys are awesome. :laugh:

I sure hope I get to BE OLD…


I’m not puttin’ any money on it :laugh:

Quote: (TonyR @ Dec. 16 2010, 5:37 PM)

I'm not puttin' any money on it :laugh:

Oh hush you ol' shrub snatcher.. :laugh:

Quote: (TonyR @ Dec. 16 2010, 4:31 PM)

PS. What did you do with the EQ?

at risk of making ourselves look silly we use the ntrack multiband compresser to change sure its not the right way to do it but we use the small radio setting & then move the slidders a bit. we used this on allisons vocal a lot to make it stand out in the mix


That’s what everyone does - the clever ones rationalise.
Can’t wait to hear it, Tina.

Is Allison
traveling the highway so you can record her tracks????

are you still working on tracks you’ve already recorded ?


im sure theres a hundred ways we are misusing ntrack!
we dont read manuals or instructions cos we cant understand them so weve just fiddle about till we find a way.
that is what gives us such a buzz… creating evrything on our own… in the dark… from scratch… music… video… artwork… website …whatever… & never reading how we should be doing it
thanks tony

The only way to misuse n-Track is, to throw it off into the corner and let it collect dust…
As for reading the manual…
That’s only for anyone using n-Track that don’t know what they want in their Finished Products… O.K.


What’s this reading for, anyway ????