Time Slider Jumps to Beginning when Clicked

Build 2042

With build 2042, the Time Slider does not behave has before. If I click on the Time Slider button while a song is playing back, the slider button jumps back to the beginning of the track and the track plays from there, even though the dotted line moving along the timeline continues from where it was. If I click either side of the Time Slider button, the button and playback will move in that direction in jumps, which is what I would expect.

In previous builds, I could easily drag the Time Slider button during playback to quickly move to anyplace along the timeline. This is the expected function of the Time Slider. Before I pursue this with a bug report, are other users on 2042 seeing the same bug?

For me it jumps to the beginning, but then jumps back and continues where I’d expect it to be. It certainly doesn’t look right to me.

I check this problem with verson 2032 on another computer and it has the same problem. Different operating system, motherboard, graphics.

If I try to drag the slider to another position while a track is playing, it keeps popping back to the beginning of the slider slot. The playback starts from the beginning of the track even though the vertical dotted line continues to move where it was before I dragged the slider, becomming out of sync with the audio playback. This definitely is a bug.

It would be helpful if more users checked their nTrack and posted results along with build version.

Still does it in 2044 too…


EDIT: I sent Flavio a bug report. He’ll get it sorted out.

I sent Flavio a bug report. He replied that the problem will be fixed in the next build. I assume that will be build 2045.

It’s fixed…


Hi Diogenes :)

Which build was this problem fixed for??

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This problem was noted from builds 2032 through 2043, but probably existed for earlier builds. I don’t know when it first appeared.

It was fixed in build 2046. It you have the problem, you will have to update to at least build 2046.


build 2046

Yep. :)