Time Stretch & Song Speed problems

I upgraded to ntrack 4 some months ago but I cannot get some of the new functions to work:
Using Time Stretch just makes a box come up saying “ntrack has encountered a problem & needs to close”.
Using Song Speed I get "speed change not supported try selecting Directsound device in preferences/wave devices.
Forgive my ignorance but if I knew exactly what one of them was I would select it
I am using a Delta 44 soundcard
Has anybody else had these problems or have the solutions?

Is this a general question or do you have an actual need to use either effect?? While both of these effects can help timing issues or pitch problems, they do so with noticeable harm to general sound quality. It can make music warbly and/or reduce the general dynamics. There might be better ways to work without digital effects, so maybe you won’t need to use them.

Otherwise, I think you have to select a specific wave file to apply the effect to; I’m not sure if these effects can be applied to an entire project. HTH.

DirectSound devices are something selected in the Audio Device preferences, just like ASIO, WDM and MME. They don’t sow up by default. To see them open Advanced for Wave Devices and click “Show DirectSound devices”

Thanks for the replies
To answer ksdb’s question, when my girlfriend left me 21 years ago (she’s now my long suffering wife) I had an amazing rush of creativity & using a 4 track cassette multitracker managed to produce some astonishing stuff (by my standards). Many years later as the 4 track was on its last legs I transferred everything to ntrack & am now determined to finish them off.
This is the sad part - I cant play as fast anymore!
One track needs a bass line & I felt if I could just slow the track down I could manage it , then speed it back up, nobody would know ( except you guys)!!!

That’s cool. I’ve got a back-catalog of 4-track stuff too. If you can’t get n-Track to do the job, you could try some other wav editing programs like Audacity or GoldWave. There are also some third-party VST plug-ins that might be available too.

I’ve found that in some ways it’s more fun and rewarding to musically re-approach the older material and redo it from scratch. You’ll always have your old demos for posterity and you might come up with something fresh and inspiring by starting over.

Good luck with it!