Time stretch doesnt work?

Hey All;

This is kind of a follow up to my last post about trying to sync up some 4 track recordings. I tried using the time stretch feature in ntrack to sync up my tracks, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’m pretty sure I’ve followed the instructions properly; at any rate, after the file has been supposedly stretched, there is no difference at between it and the original.

Anybody else having trouble with this?


Which build are you running? There was an bug fixed with time stretching in the next to last build (2064).


Hey Phoo;

Thanks for the tip. I downloaded the newest buid, and unfortunately, there’s still no effect. I think I’ll email Flavio and see if he has any ideas.

I can verify that (using the latest build, 2099) the time stretch feature does not work.
The interface works well, it spends a lot of time processing and produces a new file, but the file is identical to the original.
Has anyone got a way of getting the correct result or is it a non-workroundable bug?

I tried to do it just the other day, in V3, and it didn’t work there either.

Hey guys;

Old thread brought back to life.

I emailed Flavio about this very thing a few months ago, and he said it doesn’t work for files over x minutes long (can’t remember how long it was, but it wasnt very long), and that it would be fixed in the next version. That was a version ago, and he’s supposed to be fixing it in the next version.

Keepin my fingers crossed…