Ive tried everything I have read here

OK here goes,I’m using N-Track v.
I have recorded 4 Tracks,Guitar,Bass,Drums,Vocals
When playing back , the guitar starts out just fine with timing.After about 1 min into the song , it starts to lag behind.
There are no fx on anything because recording is not complete.
My Creative soundblaster Drivers are current.
I downloaded ASIO4ALL and am using that driver currently. 512 samples @ 4800 Hz.
I have unchecked both the boxes in settings/Preferences/Options/Use System Timer For
I have checked the box in settings/preferences/Midi settings/Timer To Use/wave
I have unchecked the box in settings/audio devices/advanced/keep audio devices open
I have changed settings/preferences/record settings/hide lag indicator to 1

Any help would be appreciated.I cannot continue to recording solo until I can get this fixed.
BTW , Im using Xp with Creative Audigy sound blaster.My system is configured with no windows sounds and hard discs and hibernation settings are never and off.
My processor is Intel Celeron 2.93 GHz with 2 gigs of ram and I’m on an e-machine desktop.I have disabled any programs running in the background except Vscan.
Am I missing something?

I’m not sure why the 1 track is getting off. HOwever, you can reduce the over all latancy by lowering the Sample rate - I am not familiar with yur card - but check to see if the sample rates are the same on the card driver and in n_Track. What happens with WDM drivers?
Let the forum know if anything corrects the problem.
What’s Vscan?

WDM drivers did the same.That is why I downloaded ASIO4ALL.Nothing has changed.It is just the guitar rythem track which is actually the one I recorded first.I thought it may be the track so I recorded it again along with the Bass and Drums using the Line Out/In with a 10W Marshall.No difference.It lags behind after about a min.
Vscan is my CA antivirus.I will try lowering the sample rate.Stay Tuned.Peace

Did you try checking the “Force WDM driver to 16 bit” in the ASIO4ALL options. I’d try it again with the Creative WDM driver but make SURE you set the sample rate to 48khz. Some of the Creative cards tun internally at 48khz so if you choose something else, the card has to resample the audio “on the fly”. This adds internal latency. Run the card at it’s native sample rate and it should work.

Try the above on a fresh test project! Set WDM and 48khz and do a few tests to see if the “drift” is gone.


you can reduce the over all latancy by lowering the Sample rate

Not entirely true Bax. Do the math. :)

ok , I lowered it from 512 to 96.Still the same.I’ll try 48

Quote: (guitarstix @ Aug. 26 2008, 11:55 AM)

ok , I lowered it from 512 to 96.Still the same.I'll try 48

Uh... what?

You must be looking at BUFFERS. There is no "512" sample rate. :)

Ctrl+P for Properties, first Tab. There are your sample rate settings for the project. I'm not sure if you have to set it in the Creative control app or not?

While tracking, HIGHER BUFFERS definitely will add more latency.


lol , yeah it was buffers on the ASIO

ok , in the creative control app , it is set to 48 KHz @ 24 bit.I tried 16 bit and forcing 16 bit with ASIO , it sounded like a mudslide.After resetting with the above,I got the sound back but guitar ch. 4 still lags , maybe i should try the creative WDM drivers at this setting

ok , tried the creative WDM drivers at 48 KHz @ 24 bit setting.Same crap.I’m throwing in the towel on this project.I’ll go down to the rehearsal room later tonight and try recording fresh with the new settings.Thanks for all your help guys.Peace
TJ :slight_smile:

Is this project Midi tracks and Audio tracks in one song?
Are you saying that you have recorded 3 tracks at the same time and the problem occured when you added another track?

No , what I did was after band rehearsal , I ran the record out from the yamaha board into my PC, recording guitar , then bass , then vocals , then drums one track at a time.Theres no MIDI involved.Its all Live input recording(the live button was not checked)from the soundboard.
I love this program , I look forward to recording the guitar solo for this song and head to mixing if i can just get this guitar track in sync with all the other parts.

Pop back in if you don’t find a solution. In the meantime, go HERE and download “audcours.exe”. It’s a tutorial on digital audio put out a few years ago by Syntrillium Software, the makers of CoolEdit Pro. They don’t exist anymore… The little course is great for learning the why’s/hows etc of digital audio.


PS If you have trouble with the link, let me know. I’ll host it myself somewhere if need be…

Hi Gents:
I’ve never had to content with sync issues in the past… However, I’m back tracking and over the course of a 4-5 minute song the lag or drift is as much as .7 - .8 seconds… Could be more… I’m putting it down to average seek times of the hard drive I’m using… AND… I see at the bottom right-hand n-Track margin… The total latency of the effects is 10 ms… or 500 samples… In the past, I’ve never added a track to the timeline while I use effects on another track… I usually did this after the tracking session…

In order to fix this I’ve had to cut-and-shift just about every bass note I played on the track…

For the fun-of-it I’m gonna re-do the project without using any effects and see if that fixes the lag… when recording another track… to the timeline…

My chopps ain’t that good… But I’ve had to chopp my chopps just to make it almost acceptable…



I'm putting it down to average seek times of the hard drive I'm using..

I doubt it Bill. It's safe to say it's NOT the hard disk seek time. Just about the crappiest hard drive out there will keep up with many tracks worth of audio data. I've even recorded/played 16 channels from/to a USB2 hard drive with nary a poot at 24/44.1. That was n V4 Pre.NET though...


I’ve read elsewhere, actually for another program,
that turning VIDEO (not audio) hardware acceleration slider
way down or off has helped.
Especially if you are using an ATI card.
Also a previous post in another thread had mentioned the hardware interupts
and if they were shared by another device that could be ‘polling’.
(that is occasionally pulling up the interupt line expecting some input)

Try unplugging your machine from the internet and diabling your virus protection while you are using Ntrack…virus protection had always done nasty things to me while using the program…so much so that I now have a studio DAW that is not and never will be online…I am not familar with Soundblaster cards…gamer stuff right?..Why not grab a real semi pro 24 bit audio card? There are a bunch to choose from that don’t cost too much and you wont run into any 48k sampling problems problems (just record at 44.1 in that case…the differences between 44.1 and 48 are NEGLIGIBLE at 24 bits). Also this allows you to monitor your input signal direct from the break out box with zero latency regardless of the drivers used…the other thing to consider…do you have a second hard drive for ONLY audio files? If you are trying to record and playback with one drive it can get a little screwy with all the XP paging…adding a second AUDIO files only drive cleared up alot of these problems years ago for me…


First off you don’t need Virus scan running while recording. Looking at the Audigy cards, not sure which one you have but it’s probably your problem (Latest release drivers were July this year). Check your IRQ table and make sure it’s not sharing anything. Creative products including E-Mu don’t like sharing IRQ’s. If it is sharing you may have to move to another PCI slot to free it up, which means a Virgin re install.

Virgin re install is a pain, but sometimes if you don’t it will cause problems.

Just my opinion but “Creative Professionals” should change their name to

"Creative on some days and some not but were sure the drivers you downloaded are buggy and if you spend more bucks with us it’ll just get worse"

Sorry 'bout that, I’m a Proud owner of E-Mu 0404 card. . . . . . . NOT! :cool:


I have disabled any programs running in the background except Vscan.
Am I missing something?

Disable it.

Why not grab a real semi pro 24 bit audio card?

Best advice I ever got... Seriously, there are so many excellent "pro-sumer" cards/mixers/interfaces now that are dirt cheap compared to just a few years ago.

If you only need a couple I/O you can get into a great card for less than a hundred bucks. No more wonky SoundBlaster problems. I had an old PIII 450mhz system with a SoundBlaster several years ago. What a pain... I kept it around for a while and just for giggles hooked my little Tascam US-122 up to it, installed the drivers and it was a whole new experience. Of course with only 450mhz of muscle, I couldn't pile on many FX... but it was a good experiment.