Tired Ears....Mix Opinions

I have been trying to mix this for the past 2 hours…My ears are shot

This is the first time in the past 2 years I have recorded myself singing. No Melodyne or Autotune used, so its out there warts and all…Would love feedback before I turn it loose on the world and embarass the crap out of myself

Anyone care to give it a listen and opinions?



Darn Duffman another cool sounding singer!
Great vocals!
That’s a lot of work there Duff.
The arrangement sounds pretty involved and interesting.
The crash at 110, sounds like the snair is behind the count a little.
I thought the first echo effect was a little loud. at 32. But that’s my ears.

I like the harmony guitars, sounds great!
But I was wondering Duff, would you mind me sending you a little riff for that bassie hook riff that you do?
To try in the mix.
Do you know that one I’m talking about?
First plays at 30 and then every now and then through out the mix. Just a thought, let me know if you do.
Keep up the great work!

some timing issues through the tune - I like the song a lot though. You’ll get it - let it rest some - nice work!

Yep on the timing issues there Duff, but good tune!

The mix in general, to my ears, is GREAT.

As a soundscape everything sounds like it is where it should be. As said above just the slight timing issues but that’s all.


Thanks guys for taking the time to listen. I’m frustrated with this, especially the bass line. When I drop it out things gel a little better. I can’t seem to play to the song, seems like I’m following, always a bit behind.

Levi…thanks for the offer. Check your PMs, send me a bassline.

My head still needs rest. There is an estate auction today with 3 accordians and a couple of mandolins…Do I hear $20?


mmmm man do linnnnnnnn

I can’t listen to this without thinking of Pete Townsend. Maybe it needs a busy John Entwistle bassline.