To all the forum users here

I wanted to say THANK YOU.
Especially to Mac, LearJeff, BubbaGump, and couple of others specifically.

Over the past year and half, I’ve been reading and posting questions and your quick responses helped me tremendously on how to use the technology. From comping with punch-ins to MIDI usage to mixing tips to finding great free plugin gems and how to apply fx/eq appropriately using my ears as a guide.
(Classic series are one of the best sounding free plugs!)

I spent a lot of time learning how to compose on N-Track which wouldve scared me off…Im sort of old school with composing on writing music notations and ‘hoping for the best’. (Yikes)

Anyways, I’m wrapping on some demo recordings I’ve done with N and I’m very pleased with the results…but none of it wouldve been possible without Flavio’s N-Track and all of you guys for teaching me how to use it correctly with my music. You guys deserve a lot of credit…I discovered a hidden passion for producing music as well as just performing them.

Thank you all.

Ill try to post a couple of songs here when Im done.

I think you say it well for a lot of us Wanderer. There is a lot of appreciation due to these people…there is a lot of time and energy that is given freely and it is ever so helpful!

You’re welcome! :)

Aw shucks… :) Any who, hook me up with a CD when the time comes and if/when I post my music for review, be sure to say it is the greatest thing you ever heard in your whole life and you vow to name your first born child in honor of such a beautiful person who makes such beautiful music… Um, or how about just posting some tunes. :D

Yeah. I’m sure my wife (when I have one) will just love little Bubba Gump Davis.