To Be Decided (name of song)

Looking for mix suggestions.

New link:

That kills.
Great guitar.
The vocals need to be more present.
I was straining to hear them just a bit.
I’m probably wrong about this, however.

Stick it up on Flavio’s new song page thingie!

Corker. “The Decider”?

Bill, everything I’ve ever heard from you has been outstanding and this is no exception. Great work buddy. (Perhaps a tiny bit more ldv as Tom has suggested?).


yeah i like that, and a very good sound. on my monitors (crappy as they are) the bright guitar that dominates one side (right? not sure I have my speakers the right way round) to me is a wee bit too up front.

not sure if that’s you singing or someone else. at 1:30 - 1:35 the vocals started to get a little bit Jagger - which was cool. be nice to get some more of that style phrasing throughout. i know its all more easily said then done. basically it pretty well rocks IMO.

i am working on recording right now that i have no clue how to get sounding just right. I will post some mixes here in the next month or so. you owe me some nit picking dude. :peace:

Thanks for the input guys. I guess it is a guitar player mix!

I’m guilty of walking on the singer.
But I am getting better.

Not me singing. I just did guitars and mix.

We all like guitar player mixes, anyway. :agree:

Once again, I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s perfect, lol!

The bass is awesome!