To Falvio

Sorry, Flavio. :( (I type faster than I think)

It appears that this forum has now become a new spamsite.

So far it’s not really bothersome, but I think it will soon become much worse.

Is it possible to do something about it, or are we stuck with it? :)

How about membership to the forum restricted by code to registered purhcasers of N-track or something?

But I suppose that would stop potential users from coming here. So, anyone else have any ideas?


Edit: Sorry Petros, I’ve just seen your post, and it seems I’m just repeating what you said, and thereby adding to the junk load. :(

Probably the only way is to screen out unregistered users. (The demo could have a registratrion number even if it is the same for everyone. Maybe create an automatic registration process for demo users.)

Probably just have to ignore it.

I suppose by now this belongs in the ‘Anything Else’ section, huh?