to get a good mixdown song?

I just wanted to know to get a good mixdown song what would be the best level for the vocal track & what would be the best level for the audio track? (“I mean the track volume”)

Whatever works for the song?

Do this: take a song you like on a commercial CD, one that fits what you are aiming for, and use it as a model.

But each recording is a new thing. What would the fun be if it were a science? :)

hey Pro, and welcome to N.

If you’re just getting started, you might find AudioMinds helpful. Check out the Getting Started and Recording pages especially.


Follow teej’s recommendation - that hair hides a large brain, the result of acquiring so much musical knowledge. :)

My brain is actually just over pea-sized. Wet the hair, and it resembles a wet cat. :p

But thanks for the thought, Tom. :)


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