Today's effort for 50/90

tres bon. Low ceiling in your studio?

That’s great Tom. Like the vocal mix a lot. :agree:

Quote: (TonyR @ Jul. 09 2011, 3:42 AM)

tres bon. Low ceiling in your studio?

Why...yes, there is...

thanks for the listens, guys!

voice great!

‘Shiny Things’ that’s such a cute title, love the song MrT :agree:

What’s the news, Ange? I hear it’s only 18 days away – you doing well?

Yes thanks :) baby’s engaged and dropped so it’s only a matter of time now. I had another scan 2 weeks ago and can confirm he is definitely a boy, he was also an estimated 6lb 2oz two weeks ago so I’m hoping he gets on with it soon or he could be huge! Amy was only 5lb 2oz when she was born and I found that hard enough…guess you could say I’m a little scared!
Can’t wait to meet him and to have my body back, and to lose this back pain so that I can play guitar again :)

How are you and yours? Send your lovely lady my best for me :;):

Well, you know, the pain moves from the back to the head when they become teens. :)

Good ole Tom!!
LOVE this. LOVE the ooohs. Great arrangement etc.

Well done :agree:

Good luck Ange…wish you all the best.

Who’s old? (I mean “ole”) :laugh:

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Good luck Ange...wish you all the best.

thanks hun :D