Today's effort


I think this could be done really well.


Your mixes are getting fuller and really dynamic. Entrepreneurial even. Your extensive experience has only motivated me in a fast-paced challenging music world. Rock on Tom.

Need mo’ drums… but you probably knew I was gonna say that… :laugh:

They be buried just a teeny-tiny-tadda-mus…

Way cool.


PS I would show you my Pretty Thing… I never really considered it as such though… not really “pretty” at all actually. I’ll post a pic and let y’all decide?

Well, it has been said that I’m not dynamic generally, but I strive for an innovative, fast-paced mix, problem-solving as a team player here with folks like Tommy who has a proven track record – he’s clearly entrepreneurial as he said – but one thing I know, UJ doesn’t have a clue what the joke is because he is not on Facebook. :laugh:

Thing is, UJ, I totally had you in mind as I was spending my 15 minutes mixing. I started with the drums and bass and had them up where they should be, but then I had to turn up the guitars. I think the thing is that I learned what music is supposed to sound like in the 1970s, when drums were not as prominent. Is that possible?

…and UJ AIN’T gonna be on Facebook.


I think the thing is that I learned what music is supposed to sound like in the 1970s, when drums were not as prominent. Is that possible?

Maybe… it’s also highly possible that it’s just ME. I like a mix where you hear everything as clearly as possible. However(!)… it’s just about the mix. The instruments used and arrangements play a HUGE factor in that “clarity” factor. Knowwhattamean Vern?


PS I don’t have a CLUE why Ernest P. Worrell popped in my head today. I didn’t see him on TV, hear him on the radio… WHY, WHY, WHY??? (Mommy?)

Stupid board… this;


it’s just about the mix.

should be;

it’s NOT just about the mix.

My fingers are slysdexic ya’ know…


Well, it works both ways.

Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Dec. 18 2010, 7:39 PM)

...and UJ AIN'T gonna be on Facebook.

Here's ONE reason why...

The whole thing is ridiculous. IMO of course... :)


..and UJ AIN'T gonna be on Facebook.

Good! I steal all yer best stuff and post it as mine over there! Don't you dare get on Facebook!

56 billion or whatever that said is a lot of money. Wow. I had no idea. I thought a few hundred million. You know, chump change. :laugh:

When you continually post songs this good, after a while it leaves nothing for anyone to say except, great song, as usual.

Ahh I will say I am really diggin the guitar sound at what would it be the pre-break. You are holding a high G chord I think. Sounds like you have the gain cranked, diggin that sound.

I tear an amp apart and before I get it back together you’ve written-and-published a Baker’s Dozen Songs… :laugh: :p :)


The amp was totally flat out cranked. Lots of hashy sound in it that I don’t like, but live it sounds cool. Little 30 watt vox amp. One of those with the modeling built in and a real 12ax7 tube. Real, kiddies, get your real digitally modeled amp with a real genuine tube in it! :laugh: No idea if the tube runs at a decent voltage. Probably just a gimmick. But the amp sounds pretty good.

This 'en?…–57458

Yep. that looks like it. It’s OK. It is acceptable, but after a while you sort of long for real components and not simulations.