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OK, here we go again, this was today’s attempt to write and record:

The song is called “I’ll Go Anywhere”

Geez Tom,
You turn out songs quicker than Lennon and Mcartney :)

This is a real good one, like the beat, like the voacl harmonies and guitar harmonies, and like the way you build the song towards the end.
Must be good, had me sitting at the pc playing " Air Drums", :D



Love this - for all the reasons mentioned above, plus I dig the true-to-Indie sound of the mix. Nice work!


Well, Tom “The Hit Factory” Spademan does it again :D

Jangly guitars, driving bassline, nice hook (shame about the drums)

Nice one Tom!


Beetlesqe chord progression - Rickenbacker twang - tube amp - great vocal - good harmony - nice melody - good recording… what could be better?

Only one suggestion - maybe reduce some of the repetition near the end.

Great job. Started my day off on a good note by listening to it.


Repetition? You mean where it does the same thing, over and over? You mean you didn’t like hearing the same progression repeated? Where it goes E, E7, C#m, C, over and over again? That part? :) Repetition is erotic.

geez, who listens all the way through a song these days?

I’m with you, beefy, shame about the drums. :( Just to try to make them interesting, I took my snare and kick through the Ampex preamps that clava rebuilt for me, and compressed the snot out of them not once but twice, once with a dbx unit I purchased from another kind n-Track member, and again in the digital realm with PSP stuff. I sort of liked the massively overcompressed sound. I’m stuck in the early 80s I think.

This weekend the in-laws are visting…so lots of good canadian beer and australian wine, but no recording. :)

Quote (TomS @ Jan. 06 2007,11:32)
Repetition? You mean where it does the same thing, over and over? You mean you didn't like hearing the same progression repeated? Where it goes E, E7, C#m, C, over and over again? That part? :) Repetition is erotic.

Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.
Yep thats it.

Erotic? Dang, didn't feel a thing. Must be gettin old.


Yes, it’s important to distinguish between erotic and sclerotic.

Good Heavens!..I go away for a while…doing my thing…come back and Professor Tom is making AMAZING songs…listened to them all Tom…bravo !..time for you to start making cd’s for release …or just sending me some at the very least :D


Well, everything I know I learned from you, Ray. Not sure that’s a compliment. :D

Listening to track…I’ll Go Anywhere

XTC, Sponge, Northern Pikes(the Canadian 80’s band) influences to you?

Since I like all those bands, I like this. :D

I hope you don’t take offence to the comparison.
I know sometimes I do.
I just want it to sound ORIGINAL! lol runs off to room slams door. :angry:
Intro 8
Composition 7
Musicianship 8
Hook 8
Recording technique 8
Harmonies 9
Bridge 0
Mixing 7
Melody 8

The lead break or syncopated notes around 2:24 little tinty.
Granted my monitors are poor, but they are reflecting an odd tone there compared to the rest of the recording.
My rating system is based on personal opinion, but the only intent is to lend whatever is possible for the piece to improve.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Hey, you like it better than I do, Jeremy! :D

Thanks for the comments. Interesting idea to include a bridge as part of the rating system. I like to write songs without bridges. I actually like to write songs that repeat the same chord over and over again. I’d thus give it a 10 for lack of bridge. :D

And it ain’t no insult to be compared to XTC or Squeeze, although I don’t know the Pikes band!

Hi ya’ Tom!

Dude, I REALLY wanna listen but doggone it… is there any way to listen WITHOUT signing up for SPAM from Soundclick?


EDIT: I guess I could give ‘em a bogus email addie… back shortly!

EDIT Deuce: Silly me… I can listen without signing up. Just can’t download… Anyway, I like the tune and pretty much agree with everyone else’s observations. Cool stuff Tom, keep it up! I’ll rate you up there with the Fartones if you keep goin’!

EDIT Tre: Check out EZdrummer or DFHS. I’m serious dude. The samples are KILLER and it’s not that hard to program them… especially EZdrummer. I am LOVIN’ it man. I hope to post some more EZdrummer stuff soon…

I’m not exactly sure why it is but… EZdrummer tracks I have created sit in the mix and sound much, much better than any other “canned” drum solution I have tried.

Thing is, D, this track was made with my real honest to goodness drums, adn I’m proud of the fact that they sound crappy. :)

Quote (TomS @ Jan. 12 2007,11:33)
Thing is, D, this track was made with my real honest to goodness drums, adn I'm proud of the fact that they sound crappy. :)

That's cool Tom! I didn't realize you pounded the skins too! (Shut up you pervs) :D

Anywho... I thought the drums sounded fine. I was just responding to some of the other wanking up there... EZdrummer is the cure for this non-drummer though.

Keep it up!


Well, when it comes to pounding the skins, let’s just say that there was a lot of midi based editing help after the fact. :)

Want to hear this afternoon’s folly? ???

edit: OK, I didn’t wait for your reply. I posted it anyway, don’t expect anything better than what you get in 90 mins worth of writing and recording time.

The song is "I’m Waiting For The Program To Install"


FWIW, I have another song, I think it is a good song, worked on it yesterday, based on a 60s style harpischord thing, but I can’t make the words fit. Trying to say something about how we could really use a man like Herbert Marcuse again. So help me with some lines about 60s radical activism. Throw 'em at me, and I’ll shove them in the song. :)

Heh! Cool… sounds like you were trippin’ on the same stuff Lennon and McCartney used!

Love the guitars. Excellent topic too. One day soon I’m gonna have to wipe this PC and start over. My DAW partition is clean, but this do-all partition is getting awfully cluttered up and acting funky. I look forward to dental work more than installing Winblows…


Wait - I pasted the one with the wrong melody - argh! I gotta put the right one up so you can hear it - it’s just a shade better.

Isn’t all pop music just a footnote to Lennon and McCartney? :)


This is a very good song. My favorite part is how the rhythm part splits up into two separate parts at about :20. Even looseness of the guitars’ 8th notes in the intro add to the energy of the tune.

I like the live feel of the drums and the fact that you opted for a very tight snare, rather than the compressed snare with dense gated reverb that is so common. It certainly gives the entire mix a vintage feel.

I’ll have to disagree with Jeremy about the “funny” note in the guitar break. I think it makes the composition sound modal. It seems that the entire tune is a bit Lydian in it’s harmonies, though I’d have to analyze it to be sure ??? . I like the idea that ou can make a “pure pop tune” that includes some more exotic chord/melody combinations that you typically hear.

The only thing I would change is to eliminate the “blues cliche” rhythmic turnaround that comes in first at 0:36 until 0:43. It doesn’t seem to fit in stylistically with the rest of the tune and adds in a bit of a … um … “cheese factor”. Don’t know if that is the term I’m thinking of :p