Today's Folly

with a bridge for Jeremy! :slight_smile:

It’s the first song on the list, proving once again that one can write a mediocre song even when one has nothing in particular to write about. Thing is, I had this great melody in my head last night, and this morning it was gone. Hence the song: “Last Night’s Revision.”

Written and recorded between 9:45 and 12:30 today. :D

Come on you slackers, post some stuff.
:)Last Night’s Revision

You’ve successfully captured a pain that I (and I’m sure others) feel all the time. If I could only get 5% of the stuff I hear in my head down into a track without forgetting about it first I’d have tons of great CDs. :)

You continue to be an inspiration, Tom, cranking out the tunes. I like your theory - get’em down, and don’t spend 100 hours on it. There’s always time to go back later and produce it to death. And if that never happens then heck, it must have been good enough :D

This one sounds quite different, style-wise, from your others, at least to me.

If it sounds different, it’s because I’m a moderately talentless idiot with no direction, no sense, and whatever happens, happens.

Anyway, it’s fun not worrying about the wandering vocals and such. I can hear in my head what it would sound like if done properly, and that’s enough. I just like to make 'em and forget it.

This way, about once every five years something really excellent happens.

So I apologize for the vocals on this one. I really can do better. At least I think I can. :D

Bravo Tom !

I really enjoyed that :D

Whatever you’re doing, you seem to stumble onto something worth listening to every few days :cool:

Excellent. Thank you. If we can just make stuff that’s worth listening to, that’s about all we can expect. :)