Today's modest proposal


Here’s today’s effort - "Never Leave Home"…t=music

I believe I’m getting better with snare drums. :D

Man my respect for you is ever increasing Tom.

Is that jamstix too? Cool stuff.

I think we should have a little competition of our own here. ‘nTrack original covers’ whereby (if the title is a little confusing :laugh: ) we choose our favourite nTracker’s original tunes and cover them.

I’d like to have a pop at one or two tunes from this forum myself…this one included.

Yes, that’s the JamStix thing.
Pretty difficult to get a hold of, I think I’m about 50% of the way there, and it sounds pretty good already.

Thanks for the kind words, Craig.

Hey Tom

I dig the guitar sound! :agree:

Do you go direct or mic an amp?


Quote: (TomS @ May 17 2008, 2:54 AM)

I believe I'm getting better with snare drums.

I believe I was one of your snare drum moaners :whistle: :)

You've nailed the drum sounds Tom. There never was any doubt about your songwriting though Tom. You have a superb collection and this one is excellent. Your mixing has just got better and better and that's lifts this song to one of your best.
Well done mate!! :D

Craig....beat you to it mate. My proposed CD is already top heavy with songs from the Spademan hit factory :) Er...In fact, was going to ask you if I could cover 2 of yours ???

My Music Page

Cover away my friend!!

Bruffie, I think JamStix nailed the drum problem. I am still hopeless. But happy to rely on others’ talents. :)

Jimothy, I’m pretty happy with the recording chain for guitars, and it took a few years to be able to afford it, let me tell you. Here it is:

My numb fingers>

Guitars (in this case a PRS SEII with soapbars, and a Taylor Classic electric)>

Amps (here a Carr Mercury for the PRS and a Little Lanilei 3350 LT from Songworks for the Taylor>

Sen 421>

UA LA-610>

Some crusty old A/D converter >

The sequencer nonpareil n-Track. :)