Today's music.  Noodling

So, I’m teaching some of my students about scale modes and thought I’d throw together a backing track that they can practice to.

This is a cut-and-paste job of the same 16 bars or so for them to do some Lydian mode stuff over.

But I thought I should have a quick noodle and here it is. Not great, first take lead. I left the mistakes in etc. Not structured at all, but fun.

Caveat emptor, YMMV, you have been warned, etc…

Excellent, Mark - man, I wish I could play like that.
You have a lucky bunch o’ students.

Thanks Tony.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that guitars give back what energy you put into them. So my playing is fairly aggressive - and I don’t just mean hitting it hard, it’s about putting power into the notes. It’s hard to describe but when you do it the guitar starts to respond.

I’m a bit of a hack really. I have to force myself to use proper fingering, but my students still catch me doing something “wrong” sometimes so I send them to watch Slash videos. :slight_smile:
It is good to do it right though.

“A bit of a hack” - yeah, right. Don’t undersell yourself. :agree:

Quote: (TomS @ Mar. 17 2011, 12:18 PM)

"A bit of a hack"
- yeah, right.
Don't undersell yourself.

Yes, ok sir :-) Thanks

I've never had a guitar lesson in my life so when I come up against some of the other "properly taught" teachers I can sometimes get a bit lost.

"I love the way you threw in two notes from harmonic minor scale just before you moved from the Dorian 3rd position to the Aolian 7th position". I'm like... "I did?....oh yeah I meant to do that, thanks". And then they go "what would it sound like if you substituted the flattened third in the 5th position for the augmented dorian triad?"..... and I'm like "dunno, why don't you try it"...... :whistle:

Nice. :)

Not bad for a ‘bit of a hack’ :laugh:

Great playing Mark!

Good stuff bro!
Sounds like you’re doing well after the quake.

Quote: (rockin4themaster @ Apr. 01 2011, 2:57 PM)

Good stuff bro!
Sounds like you're doing well after the quake.

Thank you kind sir! : -)
Quote: (rockin4themaster @ Apr. 01 2011, 2:57 PM)

Good stuff bro!
Sounds like you're doing well after the quake.

So what are you up to at the moment Bill?

Lots of weekend traveling lately. Playing a little music. And the 4 letter word…WORK!!!