Today's tracking begins with.....

My most essential recording tool!

The paint brush - not the Tone Port.

Yeah, but what brand of paint do you buy? :laugh:

see your avatar over there? I just wanna grab the nose and twist it!


We have tiny bruss’s for big rigs, sold in truck stops.
Like a basting brush.
You can do twice the cleanin in half the time with yours
NiceNclean TA!

You probably think; I’ll get my equipment dusted off then have a nice clean edit and mix.
I think: As soon as I get this mix right I’ll straiten up the apartment :laugh:

I leave it dusty for my “dirty” stuff - today was clean country stuff. :laugh:


Hey gretchen wilson is showing her recording studio at her home.
I wish to live like that!
not to mention the house/ranch/horses/bar/fire place..
aaaa she loves jack daniels!
And pourd two drinks lol one for her and one for us!

Sweet girl