Tom Petty's guitarist

during SuperBowl

Anyone know who was playing lead axe
for Petty during SBowl halftime show?
I think it may have been Andy Aledort,
but not sure. Anyway he was pretty darn

Mike Campbell is Tom Petty’s usual Heartbreakers axe-slinger. I don’t generally watch sports on TV (not much TV at all really) so I didn’t see it…


Yup that’s him.

That’s Mike Campbell - he’s been with Petty since the beginning of the Heartbreakers.

He’s always looked like a combination of Jimmy Page and Brian May to me…all depending on what he’s down with his hair and the way he’s moving around.

Yes, he’s very good.

I thought the sounded really good. They were almost too polished, to the point that it would be easy to mistake that they really were playing. They should be good after all those years…

And…Tom Petty is look better now that he’s covering up much of his face.


At least in my opinion, one of the appealing things about Campbell is he is such an unassuming guy yet there is no doubt he is as good as they come. He plays for the song, not just for the “Hey, look at ME!” solo factor.

Impressive bunch, The Heartbreakers…


I agree 100%, D - he never plays flashy stuff, just stuff that is musically appropriate, usually quite simple. I have admired him for years.

Funny, phoo, I thought they were lip-syncing at first, it was that good, both the playing and the sound. One of the greatest RnR bands of all time.

I agree with Phoo about the band. What the heck happened to Running Down a Dream? Did they run out of time. They should have just not played it.